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Don’t ban the net

Delhi’s students give their verdict on IIT Kanpur’s plans to ban the Internet on campus after midnight.

entertainment Updated: Nov 29, 2010 02:44 IST
Shruti Dargan
Shruti Dargan
Hindustan Times

The country’s iconic engineering institute, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur is set to ban the late night use of Internet by the students. The reason: Authorities think students spend too much time on the Internet in trivial pursuits during those hours. As a result, they don’t get enough sleep, which results in lack of concentration, claims the management. It adds that this reflects poorly in examination results, and even leads to depression and suicide.

We asked city hostellers what they thought of such a ban. A poll involving 20 students from IIT Delhi, Delhi University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Indian Institute of Mass Communication and Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology revealed that while 90% feel that the ban is a bad idea, some feel it may help curb over-indulgence.

Samarth Yadav
IIT Delhi
I don’t think an Internet ban will prove to be helpful. As our classes are usually from 9-5, most of us start our assignments late at night, after midnight. So, even if a late-night Internet ban is intended for a good purpose, it will, in turn, hamper our studies. And, again, there are alternative technologies through which one can access the facility. So the banning idea doesn’t work.

Gunjan Sangwan
Jawaharlal Nehru University
It’s a stupid idea. It’s just not worth it. The Internet is not just for fun, but work as well. So, banning it is a bad idea. Also, I don’t see why the authorities think that such a step would help students focus more on studies and their grades. If you ban something, the urge to do it only increases. Also, I feel that students who need the Internet for studies will suffer the most.

N Anuranjani
Indian Institute of Mass Communication
I don’t agree with this logic at all. As we stay in hostels, we know that night-time is most suitable to work, study and surf. Who can guarantee that banning the Internet will result in students sleeping early or studying better? When the connection went out in our hostel for a week due to some technical problems, it affected our assignments very badly.

Akshat Mittal
Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology
I think browsing the Internet at night does affect the performance of students, as they waste their time on social networking sites. So yes, this step aids marginally, but not so much. Those who want to do it will always do it one way or the other. The ones to suffer will be those who genuinely need the Internet for some project work.

Prashanti Subramaniam
Lady Shriram College, DU
You can’t say that the Internet affects studies completely. A lot of us are addicted to social networking sites, but yes, the wee hours are when most of us study. We’re mostly out during daytime, and at night, if the net is banned and the library is closed, we’re hardly left with any other option!

First Published: Nov 28, 2010 16:15 IST