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The eternally fit Shiamak Davar elaborates on his new workout wear to Rachana Dubey....

entertainment Updated: Apr 06, 2009 20:53 IST
Rachana Dubey
Rachana Dubey
Hindustan Times

The eternally fit Shiamak Davar elaborates on his new workout wear to Rachana Dubey

Why did you launch a clothesline for workouts?
I know what a dancer’s body needs. I’ve been into the fitness-dance routine for nearly two decades.. and I’ve been designing clothes for a quarter of a century for myself. This collection that I’ve brought out with Reebok, promises comfort during workouts. There’s something for everyone, from four to 82 years.. man, woman and child.. all sizes.

What’s the secret to your fitness?
Dance mixed with fitness.. and prayers. If you are in a positive mind frame you can do everything. Health scores over money and luxuries any day.

What kind of exercise do you recommend?
I have my own workout regime that combines different kinds of dancing styles and exercise for every part of the body. It’s a mix that has evolved over the years.

You look fit.. and tanned?
(Smiles) I’ve been on vacation in Vancouver. It’s my second home, I’m there almost half the year.

You’ll be training the six cheerleaders chosen on the Knights and Angels show. What does a cheerleader need?
Apart from large reserves of energy, the the right attitude. She has to be strong in her mind with a well-hydrated body. It’s not about lifting legs and hands to music in the scorching sun. She has to be able to motivate even the most tired bodies on the field to play their best shots.

Can cheerleading be turned into a career option in India?
May be after a decade or two. It’s taken us 20 years to even bring them to the fields.

You recently did a blink-and-miss appearance in Little Zizou. Are you considering a career in acting now?
Hey, it was just a five second walk on part! My priority will always be dance and my schools. Recently, my kids from the Victory Foundation took part in a show. You wouldn’t believe the kind of applause these differently abled kids got. To dance on a wheelchair.. they were incredible. I’ll never let their spirits flag.

You sound driven?
I was once told that I’d never make it big and advised to leave dance that I was always most passionate about and do something more rewarding in terms of money. I didn’t.. and today I have no reason to regret that decision.

But don’t the little children you train get drawn into something else once they grow up?
Some go away.. nine out of 10 stick around with me. They are so loyal and loving.. my extended family.

You were going to come out with another album?
I know but every time I start work on my album, I land a movie offer. So I have to be content with singing in
my shows.

Which movies are you choreographing for?
I don’t have a single movie right now. Can you believe that?

Are you watching Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa?
I’ve been travelling the last few months, there’s been no time.

First Published: Apr 06, 2009 20:51 IST