Finally home alone!
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Finally home alone!

Mista D is what in Bollywood they call the ‘struggler’; The Lo Lad writes about the days he moved houses, 'Thighland' experience and writing without being troubled by anyone...

entertainment Updated: Sep 27, 2010 14:57 IST
Mista D
Mista D
Hindustan Times

October 15, 2009; January 1, 2010; May 10, 2010; and September 17, 2010. These aren’t dates when I signed movies or took beautiful women out to dinner. Sadly, they represent days I moved houses. It’s fairly easy to count, but very difficult to execute; and I’ve done it four times in the past year.

But this time was the straw that broke the Lo Lad’s back. Carrying all the luggage, helping the labour with the new furniture as I’m too nice to let others do all the work, and making several trips up and down my third floor apartment, which does not have an elevator, has really taken a toll on my back. Not to mention my thighs, where my muscles were making their own dance movements two days ago. I can now easily participate in ‘Mr Thighland’ and win it hands down.

Now the house is almost set. The kitchen is organised, the beds are in place, the ghost of the previous tenant who died has been dealt with (he won’t be troubling me again). And finally, after a year of wandering around — writing my columns on the go like a nomad and staying over at friends’ so I could use their Internet — I now have a table of my own. Over the past few years, I’d forgotten how it was like to write without anyone troubling you, without having to hide what I was writing from my roommates whom I used to write about. As I write this, I’m surprised no one has come here yet and disturbed me with a cocky comment along the lines of ‘He’s a model, what the hell does he write about?’ I have also subscribed to HT, finally, now that I’m not afraid of anyone figuring out that I write for them. I’m like the Adam of my own house; I should now look for an Eve to commit the original sin with.

Amongst all this shifting last week, I realised that I’ve completed more than a year of writing this column! July 20, 2009 was when my first column appeared, so kudos to me and the Starlet too. Unfortunately, this is not a men’s magazine so it won’t be carrying pictures of me with semi-clad women in the centrefold for the anniversary issue; you’ll have to do with my side profile! In the past six months, I also wrote about what I said I would. So my Mr India experience — tick; my experience working with Big B — tick; the women in my life — this one’s left; the time I was abducted by aliens but managed to escape — yeah, well I found out that the aliens read my column too, so I can’t write about it. So here’s hoping to entertain you for a year more!

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First Published: Sep 27, 2010 13:28 IST