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Fishing compliments?

Everything that happens in this world is not because of what others do to you or what others do not do to you.

entertainment Updated: Apr 12, 2010 13:53 IST
Chandni Koshik

My friend Vrinda was very upset yesterday, because someone in her class called her a ‘fatty’. I tried to console her, but all my efforts to cheer her up failed. It made me wonder, how some one’s remark can have so much effect on others.Each of us wake up in the morning, going about our chores.

If you notice, there is one very important thing that is common in all that we do and say. It is how people perceive you, for what you are and your actions that matter the most to most of us. It is amazing, the effect people’s perception has on us, like in my friend Vrinda’s case.

If we get a lot of compliments, that drastically improves our mood for the day. If we hear lot of derogatory remarks about us, it could ruin our entire day. I don’t know why on earth does the comment made by someone else, be it positive or negative, have any kind of effect on us.

Psychologically speaking, any mood is a state of our own mind and not about what people think about us. But, the exact opposite seems to be happening in our life. Everything that happens in this world is not because of what others do to you or what others do not do to you. It is because of how do you take things. The enemy to be conquered is not your opponent, the real enemy is within YOU.

It is we who decide how happy we are, how sad we are, how beautiful we look and how well we live our lives. It is not the perceptions of people that decide it, because, irrespective of what you do, people will still rack their brains to find something wrong in you, to satisfy their egos.

Self-egos are satiated when one feels better about themselves in comparison to others. When they find faults in you, they feel relatively faultless and that gives them a false sense of self-confidence. Man is a social animal. However, a social animal need not be an animal that is a slave to the society. Hope Vrinda will understand this one day. Till then, all I can say to her is, “Take it easy, girl.”