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Goldy Notay to miss her Bollywood premiere

Goldy Notay, who looks rather bloated in her debut movie, Gurinder Chadha’s It’s A Wonderful Afterlife, will miss her Bollywood premiere because...
Hindustan Times | By Hiren Kotwani, Mumbai
UPDATED ON MAY 06, 2010 03:33 PM IST

She’s the 46th Brit-Asian actor to debut in an Indian-co-production. She’s preceded by actors like Ben Kingsley, Ayesha Dharker, Parminder Nagra and Dev Patel. Few know that she was actually seen as a journalist in London Dreams and shared screen space with Salman Khan.

Goldy Notay, who looks rather bloated in her debut movie, Gurinder Chadha’s It’s A Wonderful Afterlife (Hai Marjawah! in Hindi), will however miss her Bollywood premiere. She admits that she landed her second film, Sex And The City –2, with the weight she had put on for playing Roopie in Chadha’s fifth film as director. And it’s this assignment that could be keeping her away from Mumbai at present. We got her to do a quick take on: n Her future projects It’s too early to talk about them, but I have been offered quite a few interesting projects. I think it’s because people actually got to see what I look like at the April 21 premiere of It’s A Wonderful Afterlife. I’m sure it was a shocker for those who didn’t know what I look like, and a surprise for those who wanted to cast me in their next projects.

Sharing screen-space with Shabana
I was initially nervous. I had seen a couple of her films, though I am bad with names. She was amazing in each of them. She was warm towards me from the word go. We got along well. We had plenty to talk about.

Being directed by Gurinder Chadha
I was ready to give an arm and leg to be part of her film. Gurinder saw me in a play and offered her film to me. But I was actually stumped when she told me to put on weight for the character. My knees were trembling. The panic state only lasted 20 seconds. But I can never forget those 20 seconds.

Co-star Sendhil Ramamurthy
He’s doing really well in Heroes. I’m actually looking forward to his Bollywood debut in the Ekta Kapoor film he told me briefly about.

Working in Bollywood
I’m not too keen on the regular Bollywood movies. I wouldn’t mind a song and dance number though. I think I have a soft corner for Irrfan Khan. I loved him in The Namesake. And recently, I’ve seen My Name Is Khan — Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol need to do more films together.

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