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Goodbye no more

How much of our time is spent saying ‘Goodbye’? So many ‘goodbyes’ uttered every single time — the list is endless!

entertainment Updated: May 20, 2010 12:48 IST
Genelia D'souza
Genelia D'souza
Hindustan Times

Genelia DSouza

How much of our time is spent saying ‘Goodbye’? From morning to night, we end up using the word ‘Goodbye’ more than a hundred times. Leaving home, on meeting someone, on innumerable phone calls, leaving work to get back home, hanging up on loved ones after a tender conversation... so many ‘goodbyes’ uttered every single time — the list is endless!

Don’t you think ‘goodbye’ is an extremely sad word? I don’t see anything that can be ‘good’ about saying ‘bye’. That word, for me, signifies an end, a full stop. We human beings seem to have a fixation with all things that seem to end. And this insane usage of ‘goodbye’ tops the list!

I take the literal meaning of ‘goodbye’ to be ‘bye for good’ - forever! And yet we fool ourselves day in and day out by waving our hands to bid farewell when we always end up talking to and meeting those same people over and over again. I believe this to be a jinx to every relationship — like you are waiting on its end the minute you use a ‘goodbye’.

Imagine saying ‘bye for good’ so many times to all those beautiful people who are a part of your life, who bring a smile to your face the minute you see or think of them, those people who make living each day a simple task. Since the universe is attuned to our every thought, every word and every wish to make it come true some time or the other, why project a ‘bye for good’ or a ‘goodbye’ into the universe for somebody? What if the universe picks up on that and grants you that farewell, whether you want it or not?

I say chuck the ‘goodbyes’ completely! Let’s erase this word from daily chatter once and for all. There are so many words befitting the occasion of a temporary (or even permanent) separation that’s signified by bidding adieu. My favourite is a simple ‘See you soon’. I think this phrase has a deeper, potent significance. For the ones you really care about and the ones whom you cannot imagine life without, a ‘see you soon’ means much more than days, weeks, months and years — it could mean an entire lifetime.

Another substitute could also be a ‘cheers’ — you are raising a toast to your conversation, your day, your relationship, the future, everything! ‘Cheers’ is an affirmation of the good times, the bubbly times and why shouldn’t you always hope for more such times? For the serious ones, how about a ‘Take Care’? ‘Take Care’ shows that you need things to be okay and you wish the person with whom you are talking all the care to keep things alright. A couple more that spring to mind are ‘Later’, ‘See you around’ etc.

What fun coming up with substitutes for a sordid word such as a ‘goodbye’! Now I need to know your favourites! Make up words and phrases and personalise your very own substitute for my least liked farewell word. I read each of your replies, comments and feedbacks and I will be writing back to you soon (maybe next week) See you soon! Cheers! Take Care! ;-)

First Published: May 19, 2010 18:47 IST