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Gossip corner: Sameera's secret date

Sameera Reddy recently flew off to Paris with a hunky male. Read on..

entertainment Updated: Nov 21, 2008 19:02 IST
Hindustan Times your daily dose of gossips with Honey. She writes on the glamour world and the spicy scandals of Bollywood celebs

What’s in a game?

Hoi da hoi my mintolas and mintolis. How doth thou fare in these days of Dimwits and Nitwits? Do tell me if you have suggestions for new staffers I can employ. Vaziran bua with her hookah is threatening to leave for her Hyderabad Mahal.

Madhu my Mottu Maid has been offered a role as a tough prison warden in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Jail (but Madhurji is being wooed by Mugdha Godse to take her instead).

And Dimwit Mirza, my research assistant is starting her own company called White Weather Films in partnership with my Uncle Sanju Gups.. who shouldn’t wear Bermudas ever.. they scare me.

Okay, so today I’ve to rely considerably on the sleuthing skills of my new trainee employee, Rapchik Rajni. She somehow got herself invited to a fun party at Farah Khan’s cool residence in Versova.. where friends turned up to play board games like Scrabble and other funky variations.

And yeah so Furs, Rapchik says, was talking about Deshdrohi acted-produced-directed by one KRK.

Farah, as is her wont, speaks her heart and mind. Loudly she wondered who on earth banned it, why, what, when

and who. Why, why, why, who, who, she went. To that guest Riteish Deshmukh said with a poker face, "The Maharasthra government did.. for more details contact my father." Awkward silence.

Not to be deterred, Farah wondered next, "Oh, then we can see the film at a special screening." Snag is that no one else wanted to, not even Rapchik Rajni. From the beginning, she has become so choosey, so Aamirish no? Hope she doesn’t develop muscles.

Sundarta ka raaz
Heavens, I do think Rapchik lives, sleeps and bathes in the foyer of the Marriott Hotel. Otherwise, how could she report on so many sightings there?

She reports now on Tabu and Vatsal Seth meeting up there and complimenting each other lavishly for the way each one of them was looking. Tabu wasn’t wearing her specs, but we’ll let that pass.

They discussed each other’s sundarta ka raaz and then Vatsal suggested that they should meet up for dinner some day soon.

Wah, I know hundreds of more sundar men who have asked Tabs that, and she hasn’t even met them to share half a biskoot. Crunch munch crunch.

Paris when it sizzles
Listen, Mottu has piped in to ask for a minute of my attention. For old time’s sake, I’m giving it to her. Okay, so she’s now telling me that Sameera Reddy recently flew off to Paris with a hunky male (not Shamshul Lalani, who wasn’t hunky by any stretch of the imagination).

Sam and Hunk spent a week there and I do hope it was just watching the Eiffel Tower by day and night. Afternoon, evening, also.

Because that’s the only thing to do in Paris.. except if you’re in love though.

Mottu argues on behalf of Sam, saying she was in Paris.. Sam not Mottu sillies.. because of a much-needed holiday.

Haiiiiiiinh? Holiday from what?

Haven’t exactly heard of a thousand movies Sameera

Reddy movies announced of late.. have you? Or has she signed a Bengali movie? No? Then it must be Bhojpuri with the hottest flavour of the season. Tan ta ra, Kay Aaar Kay.

Jag hai suna, not Jag Mundhra
Just see, just see...give her an inch and she wants a mile. Mottu is exasperating me with the news that Rakhi Sawant and Abhishek Awasthi have split. So, so, so?

Well, it seems Rakhi has taken it quite badly and is singing sad songs to the moon after midnight.

Mottu adds that now Rakhi’s phone caller tune is Jag suna suna laage. I’m about to break into a flood of tears. Get me my Hermes hankies right away. But then, such is life dearies.

First Published: Nov 19, 2008 14:23 IST