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Help your pets

While you enjoy the most awaited festival of the year, make sure your pet is safe too.

entertainment Updated: Nov 01, 2010 02:37 IST
Hindustan Times

With just a few days left for Diwali, it can be quite a testing time for the pet owners as the sound of fire crackers bursting can be a major cause of distress amongst your pets, especially dogs. Anxiety, vomiting, violent shaking are some of the common signs of dogs getting distressed by firecrackers.

“Many dogs start shaking, getting anxious and trembling when they hear the sound of fire crackers. If it is a dog getting exposed for the first time to it they should try to train them to get rid of this fear. Training can begin by playing sounds of firecrackers bursting at very low volume and while playing it treat the dog. Behave normal around him. Increase the volume slowly after a day if the dog reacts normally. Treat him for this. This will make the dog feel that there is nothing unusual about these sounds and will encourage them,” says Dr. Kallahalli Umesh, Waltham Scientific Communication Manager.

“If they start showing signs of anxiety and fear then consult a vet. Never punish them for showing negative behaviour,” he says. Take your pet away from places that are prone to sounds from firecrackers. Put them in a room with windows and doors closed and play some music that can over power the sound of the firecrackers. Distract them by giving them treats and playing with them.

“If your dog has previously shown reactions to sound of fire crackers then prepare in advance. Take them to vet, if your dog had reacted really violently to the sound of firecrackers last year. They can help you prepare in advance and help you deal with your pet in distress during Diwali,” says Vet Dr. Anurag Kapoor.

Diwali pet care
1) If they want to hide under the bed or some box, let them hide. Just close all the windows and doors to make the room as sound proof as possible.

2) Do not punish your dog if the firecrackers scare him.

3) Take your dog for a walk before people start bursting crackers. Avoid taking them for a walk during that period.

4) Avoid touching the dog when they are showing signs of distress due to the sound of the firecrackers as they may end up biting you.

First Published: Oct 31, 2010 16:56 IST