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Holi bash @ home

Surprise your friends and family with a fun and cosy Holi bash at home. Here’s how
Hindustan Times | By Debasmita Ghosh, New Delhi
UPDATED ON MAR 04, 2012 12:32 AM IST

Are you looking forward to a rocking Holi, this year? If you have a spacious garden, terrace or lawn, why not hold a Holi bash at your home itself! It will not only give you the opportunity to spend the day making merry with friends and family, but will also make it a comfortable and private affair.

Before you hold a Holi bash, make sure there’s an open space where people can ‘get drenched’, as playing Holi indoors will dirty your home. Don’t forget to cover plants and precious artefacts in your garden, in case you plan to hold the bash there. Arrange for some washable rugs and loads of tumblers to mix the colours. Most importantly, make sure you have ample water supply at home as after getting doused in colour, guests might want to clean up before heading home. As for the décor, music, colour, attire and more, here’s a quick reckoner:


Keep the décor simple. Interior designer Poonam Kalra suggests that for a Holi bash it’s ideal to do up the area in simple white paired with yellow and orange. These shades are also auspicious. “Decorate the space with orange or yellow flowers such as gerbera daisies, lilies or simple marigolds, against a white background. If there’s a swimming pool or fountain in the area where you are holding the bash, encircle the place with bright yellow flowers,” says Kalra.
DIY gulal

Ditch those chemical gulals and use homemade organic colours, this Holi. “Ordinary gulals often contain harmful chemicals that can cause skin rash. Herbal colours are safe anytime,” says Dr Arvind Poswal of Dr A’s Clinic. Here’s are his recipes to make homemade gulal.

Green: Dried henna leaves, powdered and soaked overnight for wet colour.
Red: Use red sandalwood powder, vermilion, dried rose petals or grated beetroot.
Blue: Flowers like jacaranda or blue hibiscus when grounded can turn into beautiful blue Holi colours.

Music and masti

To make your Holi rock you need some some groovy foot-tapping music. While fast-paced western music with techno beats has crept its way to new-age Holi bashes, DJs say that desi songs continue to be hot favourites. “Make your own playlist with evergreen hits such as Rang Barse, Do me a favour let’s play Holi, Sajan Humein Aise Rang Lagana, Ja Re Hat Natkhat, Holiya Mein Ude Re Gulaal, Holi Khele Raghuveera Awadh mein, etc, and play it at the bash,” says DJ Viju of Quantum. Djs suggest that you can even remix these songs with dhol beats and folk songs with the help of softwares available in the market and online.

Dress right

While a traditional kurta-pajama with bandhani dupatta is always the preferred dress code for a Holi bash, for practicality purposes, designers say that one can go for shorts with tees instead. “Those drip and dry spandex T-shirts are a good alternative compared to a kurta-pajama, which sometimes tend to look obscene when they get all soaked up, forget the discomfort factor,” says designer Anupama Dayal. “To add some ethnic charm, wear a flower in the hair, and maybe team up an anklet with a pair of fluorescent flip flops,” suggests Dayal. You can also make chic floral garlands with orchids or daisies to welcome your guests.

Get over bhang hangover

It’s important that you and your guests stay fit during and after Holi. “Keep serving your guests water and juices as much as you can. Colours often tend to snatch away moisture from the skin, so it’s important to rehydrate your skin,” says Dr Jamuna Pai of Blush clinic. In case you have had too much bhang and have a hangover, doctors say that a good sleep is the best medicine. “One can also have lemon water and herbal teas such as rose or jasmine tea to detoxify the system. Have a lot of high fibre food including fruits and veggies to combat bhang hangover,” says Dr dietician Dr Daljit Kaur of Fortis Escorts Heart Institute.

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