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Hoping for happy endings

Miss K is what in cinema world they call the ‘starlet’. This is her weekly diary

entertainment Updated: Mar 22, 2011 16:42 IST

Picture this. A singer is performing on stage, hits a high note, holds his breath for a song time, but loses his focus and instead of a grand finish, he lets out a squeak. Or a trapeze artist, swinging higher and higher, and suddenly he falls flat on the floor. What I’m talking about is a bad ending. If you haven’t witnessed one, go watch 7 Khoon Maaf. Isn’t it sad when a great book or movie has an abrupt or unjustified end?

Now that I have been practicing yoga for a while, my trainer has advanced my workouts. I am now made to hold asanas (positions) for longer. The key is to smile through a position for one gruelling minute and more importantly to come out of it gracefully, not with a thud but a three-point landing.

Singers on stageThe ending, climax, goal … is the most important part of a story, a performance, an innings, a relationship, a speech or a yogic asana! It’s the finer things that add perfection to any art form, which is why acting, painting and music are referred to as the 'fine' arts. Some great friendships get bitter, because of circumstances or egos coming in the way. What about great romances? Sometimes breakups are abrupt, or ugly, which erase all the good times. I hope this journey of my story, that of a struggling starlet, will also see the climax eventually conclude to something worthwhile and that it arrives sooner rather than later! I hope my audition spree lands me a film or something that takes my life to that next level, while I continue to make the days count and not count the days ahead!

It's scary at times - the thought of not making it, of living a mediocre life. That thought pushes me even harder to give this dream my best shot. But I believe most things we do in life are learned skills and if we are willing to put the time and effort in mastering the pursuit, then it can be conquered. It takes many days of disappointment to enjoy those few golden moments. And when they arrive, they make it all worthwhile!