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Horsing around

Genelia on her latest hobby and skill: horse riding.

entertainment Updated: Aug 12, 2010 12:07 IST
Genelia D'souza
Genelia D'souza
Hindustan Times

Life, as we know by now, is all about seizing opportunities, and embracing the challenges. Which is why I love my life — especially the part that allows me the freedom of being an actor. It’s not just the varied roles that we get to play — it’s also the innumerable obstacles-turned-opportunities that fall into place once you have zeroed in on a particular role.

Take last week for instance. Does the term ‘Warrior-Princess’ excite you? It sure gives me a euphoric rush, and what’s more exciting is that it’s my character in a film that I’m shooting for. And what exactly does a "Warrior-Princess" do? Horse-ride. So, I’ve added a new skill, and hopefully, a new hobby to my repertoire of talents. I am now a HORSE-RIDER! What was an activity least considered in the past became a challenging opportunity for me when I signed on to play a the role. Horses are majestic creatures.

Genelia D'souzaTheir limbs, their shiny skin and their glistening manes are beautiful and mesmerising. What we don’t know about horses is that they are very easily spooked! You will need some jaggery and sugar cubes to break the ice with them and have them begin to like you. Horses are like newfound lovers — to win their trust, you need to whisper sweet nothings into their ears, ruffle their manes and stroke their necks.

Once the pleasantries are out of the way, you can get down to business. But they can also be big bullies, so if you don’t establish control right at the start, it’s more likely that the horse will take you for a ride and that won’t necessarily be a good thing. I was taught that when a horse breaks into a canter, he expects you to lead him, to tell him what to do, and that’s precisely the rule you should follow.

Horses love being talked to — they are almost human in this aspect.When I mounted Basha, I leaned down to tell him how much I was going to enjoy this ride, and then slowly but surely began to lead him forward. My knees closed in on his sides and the wind began to gain momentum around my face. I had become the Warrior-Princess. Everything around me was a blur and the world whizzed past. Trust me, the feeling of riding a horse is magical, one of absolute power, like flying without wings. I have found Basha. Why don’t you go find your equine buddy, too?

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First Published: Aug 11, 2010 18:45 IST