How about a bailout for me?

I read about the financial bailouts which the governments across are giving to industries, especially to those that are facing bankruptcy.

entertainment Updated: Mar 12, 2009 15:25 IST
Aryan vaid
Aryan vaid
Hindustan Times

I read about the financial bailouts which the governments across are giving to industries, especially to those that are facing bankruptcy.

Now that’s a really unfair deal. I mean, they make millions and then they get some more free millions. All my life, no matter how much money I have made, I’ve always felt that I could do with some assistance. Right from my school days, my friends always provided me the bailout to buy vada paos from the canteen, after my weekly pocket money would run out.. sometimes even on the second day of the week. At times, I provided them bailout.

Romantic dates
Then during my college days, my sisters provided me the bailout packages. If I were to just work out the interest on the money I have borrowed from my sister, perhaps it would add up to a small fortune. God bless them because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to afford all those romantic dates and rose days.

I specialised as the guy who sent the highest number of roses to his girlfriend then. Once, I almost sent about 2000 roses on Rose Day, all with the money borrowed from my sister.

She’s still doing the math on that one. With the Rs 2,000 and the interest accumulated on that one, let’s just say this is one subject which I steer clear of while talking to her. But that’s another story.

And then I got started on my first job at Rs 2000 a month for almost 14 hours a day. Even about a decade ago, that money was just enough to pay for my travel to my work place and maybe other trivial expenses.

Non-stop party
I would dream of a bailout package so that I could travel by cabs instead of those horribly crowded trains, eat all the goodies I desired in an air-conditioned restaurant every day instead of a roadside eatery outside my office.. but sadly, nothing happened.

And then I got my first credit card. Boy, that was the ticket to my dreams! I kept buying till I realised that I had to pay the money back. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a non-stop party.

Well, after my credit card bills arrived, I definitely needed a bailout. But no, I had exhausted all my sources. It took me a long time to shake that one off.

Someone listening
After a few miracles, I found my life changing, even financially. But now, even many bucks later, I’m still hoping for a bailout. And the classic syndrome, no matter what or how much of it you make, you are still chasing the big bucks and hoping for a bailout miracle.

Unfortunately the government policies still don’t include bailing me out, but I’m hopeful. If huge corporations which produce millions can avail of this bailout then why not honest individuals with a few big dreams? All I want is a bigger house, a bigger car, more fancy trips and of course, a bigger bailout. I want someone to tell me, “Don’t worry, we’ll take care of your bills.” Is someone listening? I guess my sister isn’t!

First Published: Mar 12, 2009 15:22 IST