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I am here to make films not money: Rajat Kapoor

The producer-actor of Bheja Fry — one of the surprise hits of the year — tells Ritujaay Ghosh that he didn't have any expectations from the film.
None | By Ritujaay Ghosh, Kolkata
UPDATED ON JUL 06, 2007 10:38 AM IST

His next film as a director might be


but Rajat Kapoor’s vision is more reality and less illusion. The producer-actor of

Bheja Fry

— one of the surprise hits of the year — says he did not have any expectations from the film.

“I never thought of making money from my films. I make films because I love it and never expect any returns,” says Kapoor, who was in Kolkata for the release of his first Bengali film, Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury’s



A script with meat is what matters to Kapoor and that is what made him do


, though he admits that he does not know much about the Bengali film industry.

“I liked the script and knew the co-stars and without Rahul (Bose) I wouldn’t have been comfortable because he helped me with my Bengali,” says Kapoor, adding, “I don’t know if the audience will like it but I have enjoyed working in it.”

For Kapoor the job of actor is to “act” and the director to “direct” and nothing should come in between that.

“No one knows which film will work and why. There’s a social fabric that touches the heart of the audience, which makes a film a hit. Maybe

Bheja Fry

was released in April when people were expecting something new and it worked and had it been released some other time it wouldn’t have been liked at all,” he says.

Kapoor is not a typical Bollywood person. He says he does not keep abreast about what is happening in the industry but is open to all kinds of films.

“I am even open to work in a film like

Jhoom Barabar Jhoom

but I get offers for other kinds of roles,” he says with a smile. He had to shave his head recently for Satish Kaushik’s

I am 24

and is excited that it is yet another unorthodox script.

Another film he is looking forward to is Sudhir Mishra’s

Khoya Khoya Chand


“In Satish’s film I play a bald writer who meets a girl on the Net and lies that he is 24 while in Sudhir’s film I play a superstar of 50’s Bollywood ,” says he.

About his own directorial venture,


, which has Naseeruddin Shah and Neha Dhupia, Kapoor seems aloof. He has already started thinking about his next film.

“I did


because I wanted to. The script was with me for nine years but I did not find a financier. I will never stop making films on scripts which I like because I love making films and not money,” he says.

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