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I'd be happy with another daughter: Ajay

Ajay Devgn who turns 41 today, on the soon-to-come addition to his family, IPL plans and returning to action.

entertainment Updated: Apr 02, 2010 14:52 IST

How does it feel to be 41?
(Laughs) It still feels like I’m in my 20s. I can still do the things I did then. In fact, I’d say I’m fitter and stronger now.

Anything you’d like to change?
Your mindset changes gradually, and that, in turn, alters the way you see and do things. The same goes for the people around you. Those who don’t accept changes, get lost in time. One big change would be becoming a father for the second time. It’s too early to talk about that. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

You already have a daughter, Nyasa. Are you hoping for a son this time?
It doesn’t matter, if our child is a boy or a girl. That’s the least of our concerns. I’m very lucky to have a daughter. And if Kajol and I were to have another daughter, we will be even happier.

Both Kajol and you had decided on the name Nysa long before she was born. So, have you thought of any names for your second child?
Yes, we have thought of a couple of names but I can’t share them with you yet. When the time is right, you’ll know.

Nysa must be excited about having a younger sibling?
She’s ecstatic!

What about her grandparents?
(Smiles) They’re very pleased with the news too. In fact, they’re pretty preoccupied with Kajol these days. When she goes to work, they wait for her to return so they can spend time together. (Chuckles) And before you ask about her, let me tell you she’s thrilled too.

Weren’t you alarmed when Kajol, in her delicate state, shot a song-and-dance number for the remake of Stepmom?
Kajol had discussed the movement with the director before they began. Everyone was aware of her condition, what she could do and what she couldn’t. The schedule was planned accordingly. There was no reason to worry.

Has Nysa taken after Kajol or is she as mischievous as you were?
In certain ways, Nysa has taken after her mother. And in certain ways, she’s just like me, a real prankster. My mother often tells her about all the ‘masti’ I did as a kid. (Grins) We have a good laugh over those naughty memories. I’m still up to mischief.

Who’s the taskmaster at home?
Kajol is definitely the strict parent. And every time she scolds Nysa, my daughter comes running to me for a cuddle.

How closely do you resemble your own father, Veeru Devgn?
Quite a lot though it was never a conscious effort to be like him. But my father brought me up really well. He never gave me any reason to complain. May be that’s the way I want it to be for my children too.

Kajol and you are so unlike each other and yet so compatible. What’s the secret to your happily married life?
Well, we think the same way because we have the same set of morals. And I’d say the secret to a happy marriage is to be honest in a relationship. Also, you must trust each other. If that foundation is strong, nothing can break the marriage.

First Published: Apr 02, 2010 12:31 IST