‘I grew up on parantha and pickles’
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‘I grew up on parantha and pickles’

Ryan Reynolds, 34, is one of the few Hollywood actors with a strong Indian connection. Born in Canada, a ‘mini India’, Reynolds says his childhood days were all about desi pleasures.

entertainment Updated: Jun 17, 2011 01:52 IST
Robin Bansal
Robin Bansal
Hindustan Times

Ryan Reynolds, 34, is one of the few Hollywood actors with a strong Indian connection. Born in Canada, a ‘mini India’, Reynolds says his childhood days were all about desi pleasures.

“I grew up with Indian friends in Vancouver, Canada, and loved the homemade spicy stuffed Indian bread (paranthas) with mango pickle. That tasted divine!” recalls Reynolds, who wants to see the ‘real’ India.

“I need to visit the country soon. I want to take time off from work and then tour around,” says the actor, whose debut movie Ordinary Magic was also about a Canadian boy raised in India.

His knowledge about the country is thus, impressive. “I have read and heard a lot about the Taj Mahal and Bollywood films, and India as a whole,” says the actor, whose latest movie, Green Lantern, opens in India today.

"I really hope audience in India and across the globe will like the film,” he says.

His Indian association doesn’t stop there, as he reveals his fascination for Bollywood and Indian actors.

“I watched a couple of Bollywood films and loved it. Indian actors are like superheroes. They can fight, dance, and sing — all at the same time,” he says before adding, “I would love to act in a Bollywood movie. This is a message to all Indian filmmakers — you know where you can get me.”

The actor has thrice been voted the sexiest man alive, and recently split with wife of two years, Scarlett Johansson.

Ask him about his split and Reynolds jumps the gun saying, “I am single.”

Talking about his film, not many know he worked out on a lot of “wire work and gymnastics for about nine months,” to get into the skin of his character Hal Jordan/Green Lantern. He also revealed he has done majority of the stunts himself in the film.

Reynolds was also gaga over working with veteran director Martin Campbell, who has to his credit two Bond films.

“Martin is probably one of the most interesting directors I’ve had the great fortune to work with. He’s not a big fan of default CGI, which is automatically going into CGI when you can do something practical.

“In doing that, it really draws the audience in, instead of watching a cartoon fly through the air. So a lot of the flying sequences are practical, in that they have computerised these wire rigs to such degree in that you can be incredibly articulate in them.

“So instead of putting me on a body pan and have me rotate 180 degrees in any direction with a green screen behind me, I’m actually flying into large rooms, moving through the air and then swooping down for landing. And I love that Martin is a huge fan of that kind of stuff.

“And the fight scenes, he uses the expression that it’s a ‘knife fight in a phone booth’ a lot. And I love that, because it’s really dirty, ugly and gritty and close quarters. And it’s not polished that you see in a lot of superhero movies where the hero walks away with an enormous explosion behind him and doesn’t look back. It’s a little bit more in the vein of Casino Royale [movie Martin directed] where it was ugly and nasty,” says Reynolds.

Throwing light on the movie, he says, “There are other characters in this film that represent the Green Lantern corps - couple of them are Sinestro played by Mark Strong, Kilowog and Tomar-Re. Those scenes are incredible and we’ve done some action scenes with those guys.”

“Obviously Mark I really relate to a lot more cause he’s a palpable person that I get to interact with. The other guy is a 7 foot stunt guy who wears 3 foot stilts so he’s just this massive human being. It’s interesting to watch him move around doing these completely unheard of stunts,” he adds.

A Green Lantern franchise was announced even before the release of Part I. Ask him about his extended superhero job, he says,
“It feels great! Green Lantern is an important character in the Justice League and I am sure like other heroes’ fans, audience would be interested to watch the Green Lantern saga.”

As of now, the actor plans to stick to his craft and not venture into other other aspects of filmmaking.

“Acting is what I am devoting myself to currently. Let’s see where the future takes me,” he says.

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Ryan Rodney Reynolds
Age: 34
Debut: Ordinary Magic (1993)
Known for: Definitely, Maybe; The Proposal; Smokin' Aces; Buried
Latest flick: Green Lantern
Future projects: The Change-Up, Safe House, R.I.P.D., Deadpool

First Published: Jun 16, 2011 19:00 IST