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‘I won’t drink again’

I was drinking in my car when I lost the vision of the road. Soon the steering wheel dug into my chest and I tasted blood.

entertainment Updated: Aug 07, 2010 00:48 IST
Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma
Hindustan Times

“I worked for an event management company in Gurgaon. I liked working there, because there are many liquor shops around. While returning from office, I used to pick up whisky bottles and drink 4-5 pegs on my way home. I always felt that nothing could go wrong. There were no checkposts, and if ever a policeman caught me. I knew I had to pay Rs 200, and if he spotted the bottles, then Rs 50 extra.

Five months ago, I was returning from office at 11:30 in the night, and heading to my house in Lado Sarai. I was very drunk. I don’t know how much I had had. I was speeding in my Alto car, when I saw a hazy vision of a biker. I lost memory of what happened thereafter, but all I remember is that suddenly my car hit him, the divider and then upturned.

The steering wheel dug into my chest and I tasted blood. The police came and called my relatives. No FIR was lodged. My relatives paid them off. I was rushed to a hospital where I spent two months. I had multiple fractures, chest injury and a useless left leg.

My boss fired me. My wife is a homemaker, and I could not face her, because she always told me not to drink and drive. Things became difficult financially. My four-year-old daughter probably didn’t understand what had happened, but I felt very guilty.

I got lot of time to think those days. I wanted to turn back the wheel of time and listen to my colleagues who said, ‘Daaru peeke gaadi chalaana sabse badi bhool hai’ (To drink and drive is the biggest mistake).

Colleagues and neighbours cut me off. It took me another two months to find a job. I try not to remember that night. But it is impossible. I cannot walk without support, my left knee keeps hurting. Sometimes the pain is unbearable. My friends remind me that it’s a miracle I’m still alive. I haven’t touched a drink since.”

Did you know
Three out of 10 drivers in Delhi at night are drunk.
Delhi loses 1,500 people every year in accidents caused by drunk drivers.
In Delhi, 15.9 per cent of 14-year-olds have reported having at least one drink in the past 30 days, and 12.6 per cent drank at least once in a year.

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First Published: Aug 06, 2010 16:24 IST