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Take your pick from six of the most genre-bending underground parties that you can be part of.
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Updated on Jun 25, 2011 01:03 PM IST
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Hindustan Times | BySharin Bhatti, Mumbai

If you are one of those people who need to stick to a beat and rhythm to make for the perfect mood to party, have no fear. A host of slick genre-bending groove lovers are laying down their turf to organise underground party nights that screen you on the basis of your rhythm value. Here are six best well-kept secrets your neighbourhood club’s gig calendar might not be letting on.

1 Grime Riot Disco: When electronica musicians Shaa’ir + Func are bored of playing club, they spend their non-working days programming a different beat together, litterally—pure disco. That's when they, along with like-minded friends, put together an underground, alternative kitschy night called Grime Riot Disco, which as the name suggests, are quite dirty. Poppy artwork, disco mashups courtesy the duo and Anamika Singh of Flirteve, a New-York based event management company. DJ Ruskin programs the sound and the night is all about moving to the grime notes of disco. “We have had very good runs at Red Ant and Bollywood Mischief in Bandra. Now we are looking for another underground venue to support the crowd,” says DJ Ruskin.

2 Ghetto Blaster: If funky hip-hop is what you seek then this monthly night at Zenzi, Bandra, is where you need to move your party to. The brainchild of DJ Uri, GhettoBlaster is really a shout out for all those who like their dose of old-school hip-hop mixed with slam rapping and just some good ole’ funk. “The night is programmed in such a way to include everything from B-boying to funky mashups. It’s always packed and people end up staying longer and paying more attention to the music,” says DJ Uri.

3 Wobble: Bass-addicts need something heavier and deeper to move, which is why nightclub Bonobo put this particular night together to make you wobble. RayG, who is the resident DJ at Bonobo, describes it as the perfect guerilla party. “The music is very militant, raw, aggressive and of course, bass heavy. People come in at around 11 pm, after the diners have left, and they stay till they drop from all the partying. That makes even us as DJs to keep the ball rolling,” he says. Mental Martians, Bandish Projekt and Pravvy Prav are some of the Wobble stars.

4 LA FRESH: This bi-monthly indie party is created by Indian Hipsters, who are a team of creatives, designers, media people and music lovers who like to share their way of partying at Zenzi, Bandra. “It is a place where like-minded people come together and end up playing some cult music, which they can relate to,” says Paul, organiser. The party also has a live blog, where members attending can exchange notes and even diss out the night, but all in good faith of course. “There’s a lot of dancing, fun plus eclectic music,” says Paul, adding “‘Barbara Streisand…’ by Duck Sauce was an absolute favourite at the do last night.”

5 Khush nights: Not just music, but partying too can be community-specific. Jaymin Dalal has started monthly club nights for the LGBT community, called Khush. “We play music from film soundtracks from the ’80s and the ’90s specifically. The idea is to mingle, wear what you want to wear and not be judged. Of course, food too is very important,” says Dalal. The next Khush night will be held on July 1 at Zenzi, Bandra.

6 Metal Showdown: Taking a slightly more obscure path are these monthly metal war nights. At Metal Showdown, heavy metal bands from Mumbai are at loggerheads at the city’s real underground music venue, B 69 in Andheri East. “Periodically a band takes the onus of organising a gig where three bands participate. Their friends come along, someone gets food, someone gets coolers and everyone plays, make mosh pits and headbang to some great metal and awesome sounds,” says Shawn Pereira, owner of B 69. Metal Showdown will be held tonight at B 69.

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