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Invoke the stars for exam luck

Follow these tips to maximise your performance.

entertainment Updated: Mar 15, 2010 00:59 IST

For good vibrations: Wear and be surrounded with bright colours, especially bright green, pink and yellow. All shades of red are also good.
Lucky Crystal: Ruby, bloodstone and diamond are suitable stones. One of these should always be worn about the person.
Lucky Numbers: 7 (Aries), 9 (Mars)
Lucky Tips: Put a red coral in your pocket and pencil box

For good vibrations: Surround yourself with all shades of blue, including in your clothes. Indigo, too, will be restful and soothing. Avoid red, except, the softest sheds of rose. Wear subdued colours.
Lucky Crystal: Sapphire, emerald, turquoise, lapis lazuli and moss agate.
Lucky Numbers: 6
Lucky Tips: Tie a small blue ribbon on the pen with which you’ll write your exams or put it in your pocket.

For good vibrations: White, silver, yellow and light green should be worn on the person, and used freely in light furnishing and decorations.
Lucky Crystal: The most suitable stones are agate, chrysoprase, diamond and jade, but all gems that sparkle brilliantly are in
harmony with Gemini.
Lucky Numbers: 5.
Lucky Tips: Wear a clear Quartes crystal for luck.

For good vibrations: Emerald green and glistening white are the colurs most in harmony with this sign. Use them lavishly in your dress and in home decoration.
Lucky Crystal: Emeralds and moonstones. Cat’s eyes, pearls and crystal are also in harmony.
Lucky Numbers: 2 (for Cancer); 7 (for the Moon)
Lucky Tips: Wear a green jade bracelet to enhance good luck in exams.

For good vibrations: Wear shades of gold, yellow, orange, light green and white. Keep gold and glittering objects like polished brass or copper ornaments about the house.
Lucky Crystal: All yellow stones, such as amber, topaz, chrysolite and tourmaline, beset in gold
Lucky Numbers: 4 (for Leo); 1 (for Sun)
Lucky Tips: Keep a yellow jasper on the table or a cluster of yellow citrine in a crystal bowl

For good vibrations: Wear and be surrounded with pale blue, pale gold and yellow. Jade green will also be harmonious, for it is the colour of Mercury.
Lucky Crystal: The most suitable stones are cornelian, jade, diamond and jasper.
Lucky Numbers: 10 (for Virgo); 5 (for Mercury)
Lucky Tips: A light blue lace agate in a pair placed on the study table will brings a good results.

For good vibrations: Blue and violet are the colours that accord best with Libra, and they should be used freely in order to attract harmonious astral vibrations.
Lucky Crystal: Opal for Libra, lapis lazuli for Venus, its ruler.
Lucky Numbers: 8 (for Libra); 6 (for Venus)
Lucky Tips: An opal string worn on the right hand will enhance your luck.

For good vibrations: The deeper shades of red and russet-brown are beneficial. These colours should be incorporated in clothes and household decorations.
Lucky Crystal: All red stones are beneficial, especially ruby. Also, beryl, topaz and turquoise.
Lucky Numbers: 9
Lucky Tips: Put a small ‘Om’ in red ink in the beginning of the paper and then write the exams

For good vibrations: Orange is the colour most in tune with the vibrations of Sagittarius, while mauve and purple harmonise best with Jupiter, its ruler. Use freely.
Lucky Crystal: Sapphire for Sagittarius; amethyst for Jupiter
Lucky Numbers: 4 (for Sagittarius); 3 (for Jupiter)
Lucky Tips: Wear a turquoise locket in the neck or keep a light blue hanky in your pocket.