Kangna’s puppy love

Kangna going gung ho about Chillar Party after being smitten by the puppy in it.

entertainment Updated: Jul 14, 2011 01:35 IST
Hindustan Times



from Juhu tells me to go watch Chillar Party. Why? Well, he says sheepishly, Kangna Ranaut has been recommending it to one and all. He adds that before anyone starts putting two and two together, the reason isn’t Kangy’s a good friend, but the


on screen.

God, will someone give me a calpol, saradon, crocin… any sin! Khabru says that Kangy caught the movie recently and wept buckets over the scene where the little doggie is locked in the car. Seems like she has a pet of her own called Pluto and could connect with the pup’s distress. Woooooh, that’s me crying now. Please stop my Sherlock!

First Published: Jul 13, 2011 17:49 IST