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Kristen Stewart gets mocked on Twitter, YouTube: Top 5 jokes

Post the affair between Twilight actress Kristen Stewart and director Rupert Sanders, the internet has been on a mocking-spree. From jokes and one-liners on Twitter to spoofs and parodies on Youtube, Kristen Stewart is at the recieving end everywhere.

entertainment Updated: Aug 07, 2012 12:43 IST
Kristen Stewart,Robert Pattinson,Rupert Sanders

Following the news of the (in)famous affair between Twilight actress Kristen Stewart and director Rupert Sanders, the internet has been on a mocking-spree.

While Twitter is already abuzz with jokes such as "Kristen Stewart apologises for cheating on Rob Pattinson with director Rupert Sanders. She should apologise for Twilight first", a lot of mockery is finding its way through YouTube videos.

Parodies, stinker videos, spoofs and fan-ridicule are strewn all across the internet, and their butt of jokes is Kristen Stewart. Getting dragged along are her Twilight movies, style of speaking, hairstyle and dressing sense.

So it isn't just her affair that is making the rounds, it is everything about her that is being mocked.

Will Ferrell at Conan O' Brien's show CONAN

Even TV comedy shows couldn't resist. According to, comedian Will Ferrell seemed unable to get over the young couple's split. "It's not gonna be fine," he screamed at Conan O' Brien's show CONAN. "What they had was so special you don't even know." When the host tried to argue by stating, "I've been in love," the actor insisted, "Not like them." He then yelled, "She's a Trampire," to which the host responded, "That's horrible."

Parody: Call Rupert Baby instead of Call Me Maybe

Parodies of famous songs are also doing the rounds. A famous pop number, Call Me Maybe, has been transformed into a parody aimed at Kristen Stewart, titled, Call Rupert Baby. Let us remind you that Rupert is mentioned because the director Kristen Stewart had a fling with is Rupert Sanders.

The video accompanying the parody has images of crestfallen Robert Pattinson and pictures of Kristen and Rupert. The lyrics are:

You said Your sorry for it, But don't believe it a bit, I'm leaving that's where we're at, so don't get in my way

You had it good and, most all others would have, been faithful to me, are you really crazy?

Hey cheating liar, I loved you truly, but that's the last straw so call Rupert baby!

Parody: A Thousand Years by Kristen Stewart

Another parody that is poking fun at recent Robsten fiasco is that of A Thousand Years- a famous pop song by Christina Perri. An actress, posing to be Kristen Stewart is shown singing to her Twilight fans, explaining the reasons of her coquettish indulgence with Rupert Sanders. The actor has the same hairdo as Kristen Stewart and talks in a similar manner. The lyrics are:

Twilight fans

I have broke promises

I misbehaved

F***ing a man

That's twice my age

Poor Rob

Heartbroken and alone

But I had doubts

That this would work out

He's gay, sorry

What The Buck Show

The next comic express comes from a YouTube channel called What The Buck Show, written, hosted, produced and edited by Michael Buckley. He takes to presenting the news of the K-Stew and R-Pattz disaster, hoping that it would all be a publicity gimmick, but feeling heartbroken at last when he realises that the affair is true and not alleged.

Of course there is sarcasm behind every word he utters and a mocking of the entire event.

He says, "there is a picture of them (Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders) cuddling on the cover of Us Weekly and I was thinking that maybe he (Sanders) was just directing her (Stewart) to not look like a vampire is about to eat her in a love scene, and I am just trying to make this okay in my brain but look at these (points towards the pictures of both of them cuddling)- they are totally doing it!"

Also, the spoof begins at 1:52, so forward your video to catch the fun.

Fan video

Another example of mocking Kristen Stewart is this spoof video made by two fans where they are ranting about their problems with Kristen Stewart, her relationship with the director Rupert 'whatever' and her cheating on their beloved Robert Pattinson.

One of the fans, while talking to the camera, regularly strokes Robert Pattinson lovingly. Don't get hassled, she has a soft toy teddy bear but the face is a poster of Robert Pattinson. The video is made in a very serious manner, but one can easily spot the bouts of humour this spoof offers.


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First Published: Aug 04, 2012 17:23 IST