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Loose talk upsets me: Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra, who has just completed Love Story 2050 and Drona. speaks to Hiren Kotwani about movies, link-up rumours and casting issues.
Hindustan Times | By Hiren Kotwani, Mumbai
UPDATED ON OCT 01, 2008 04:12 PM IST

For those who came into my life late, that's Priyanka Chopra also for some surreal reason, nicknamed Piggy Chops. Tragedy: I'm veggie. Okay, so it's been hectic-hectic (naturally when is .. it not?). The upshot is that PC has completed Love Story 2050 and Drona (that's information for those who were hibernating in the Himalayas). And for months, she was in Goregaon shooting for Fashion and then in Miami for Dostana (that's info for those who were, well, hibernating in Juhu).

At this very moment, she's in one of those serial interviews. One after another after another after another. Words of wisdom and wit rain nevertheless from PC. I even feel like Jodie Foster seated before serial talker Anthony Hopkins in The Silence of the Lamb Kababs. I'm quite aware that she's weary of talking about love, affairs, scandals, sensation-like-stuff to every interviewer. Putting on my best Jodie Foster tough-as-nails attitude, I ask.

Is that a question?

No, no. (Speeding ahead recklessly) How do you look back on those stories about link-ups with Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Sreesanth?
I don't know either of them. I've met Dhoni only once at a Pepsi event. And Sreesanth at a Lux event.

Cool. Permit me a comment now.. you look quite bizarre in a white outfit on the poster for Love Story 2050. Why? Why? Why?
Listen, don't burst a blood vessel. Actually that's what we wear for a 3-D video game in the film. Most of the time, we're in relatively real outfits. Whatever be the year, people will never stop regular outfits like pajamas and denims.

I thought as much.
Keep quiet. (As if from a recorded voice mail) Love Story 2050 is basically a love story not an action film in which you can experiment to the extreme.

(Stumped.. what to ask next.. what, what, what?.. must sound intelligent) I believe you lost weight for Fashion? (that sounded so unintelligent but she hasn't noticed..)
I don't believe in losing weight. But for the characters I play, I've worked hard to remain in shape, not just for Fashion but for Dostana too.

Meghna, the girl I play in


, comes from Chandigarh to Bombay to become a model. The role has a graph, it's necessary to show that transition. I had put on five kilos, which I shed later.

That's it. Cool, cool as cucumbers..

What? Excuse me.

Nothing, nothing.

You seem to have returned to Dharma Productions even though things didn't work out for


. (Even I'm bored with this question.. but let's see..)

Things didn't work out then. Karan's (Johar) been a dear friend ever since I've been around in the movies. He's a very generous producer and a wonderful person to work with. We had a fabulous outdoor spell of


.. I've never thought of this as returning to a production banner.. or a camp as you're implying.

(Snnnnore.. Must get sexy questions in.. that ed I tell you) You refuse to wear peekaboo outfits but for


you've gone sexy.

I don't think I've made any ‘refusal' statements as such. What I wear in a movie has to go with the script and character.

(I don't want to hear this)

Yes, yes, continue. Did you bond with Bipasha Basu and Aishwarya Rai at the Miami shoot. Note: I'm not asking about John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan.

Ha, ha. Thanks.

(I think she likes me) Bips and Ash.

What about them?

Bonding in Miami.

Oh, that. There were 200 unit people. The crew bonded very well, and even went out together on a few occasions. Bipasha is one of the most real persons I've ever met, confident and upfront. Aishwarya and I never really met or spoke much.

I thought so, I thought so (Why am I saying this?.. stop). Since you've nixed Farhan Akhtar's

Voice from the Sky

, weren't you apprehensive of not being cast in the



I hadn't confirmed

Voice from the Sky

. Farhan is one of my favourite filmmakers. I'm disappointed, I couldn't work things out. (I'm in


form now.. aren't I?)

You were even vying to play Salman Khan's heroine in



I don't know about


. I was in Miami when I heard about these reports from my friends here. Friends, hmmmm.

Don't you think you goofed up with some wrong movies?

I'm proud of every film I've done. No one in the history of cinema can boast of only hits. In my career of five years, I've always had a hit or two every year.

(Must cross-check with tradewalas and


) Seems you recommended Harman Baweja for

What's Your Raashee

? because Shahid Kapur kept Ashutosh Gowariker waiting endlessly.

I don't know about Shahid being approached for the project. But I do know that Harman had signed it before me. So how could I have recommended him?

Point noted. Okay, Priyankaji, this is the BIG one. What about Harman Baweja?

What about Harman?

Is he just a co-star, an acquaintance, a very good friend or a boyfriend?

He's a fantastic co-star and a very good friend. We worked very well together in

Love Story 2050


How, how, how, can you deny the Harman link-up?
I get upset by such loose talk. I'm someone's daughter, someone's sister.. a woman. Such reports affect women more than they affect men. It's a male-dominated industry But things are changing at last.

Today, it's not essential to hide relationships.. especially when a couple has been going steady for a while.. like John-Bipasha and Saif-Kareena.
I don't believe in public display of affection, to each his or her own. I want to hold a little bit back for myself, keep it close to my heart.

Oh dear, that sounds very cryptic.. I don't understand.

Well, well, have a nice day.
You too.. see you.

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