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Masters choice

Get your list of what to read, listen, eat and watch from the proven experts in the field. Read on for more...

entertainment Updated: Jul 11, 2010 14:45 IST
Hindustan Times

Get your list of what to read, listen, eat and watch from the proven experts in the field. Read on for more...

Sidd Coutto
Drummer and Vocalist

(Dave Matthews Band): This song has an amazing vibe to it and the structure is quite odd. The drumming by Carter Beauford is simply fantastic. Dave Matthews Band is one of my favourite bands of all time.

Daddy, brother, lover, little boy (Mr Big): This song is in the album Lean Into It. I was 14 when I bought it, and it also had the song ‘To be with you...’ I expected an album full of songs like that. But it kick-started with ‘Daddy, brother, lover, litttle boy...’ and it continues to remain my favourite hard rock song of the ’90s. The guitar solo is insane too.

The Pretender(Foo Fighters): The energy and production of this song are fantastic. Frontman Dave Grohl and his crazy band pull out all the stops on this head banger of a track. This one is my favourite hard rock song of the 2000s.

Voice (Pentagram): This song is one of the finest songs by Pentagram. It is simple, catchy and interestingly produced. I heard it 30 times on repeat when it first came out. Pentagram has been an inspiration to me since 1996.

–Manali Shah

Riyaaz Amlani
CEO & MD, Impresario

Wasabi (Taj Mahal Palace and Tower): I love the food and service there. Every time I go there, I come back feeling good. I think this is a fantastic place. As a restauranteur, I understand how hard it is to do what they do. They fly in their fish fresh every day. For what they offer, it’s really reasonable, compared to anywhere else in the world.

Café Britannia (Fort): It’s only open for a few hours each day and in my opinion, it serves the best Parsi food, outside of a Parsi home and wedding. It’s full of character, it’s a Bombay classic. The owner is 80-plus and sits there every day and takes the order from every single table himself. I have learnt a lot about hospitality from that guy.

Ayub’s (Kala Ghoda): I occasionally find myself craving for a roll from Ayub’s, which is located behind Trishna. It’s just like Bademiya. I love their Chicken Tikka and Paneer Tikka. It has a hot BBQ smoky and charcoal flavour and I like the contrast of textures between the chicken and the paneer; it’s fantastic.

Modern Lunch Home (Byculla): It serves all kinds of Indian and coastal food. They have a Rawas MasalaFry that’s the best in the world. I love it! It’s a simple joint.

-Naomi Canton

Deepak Dalal
Author of Sahyadri Adventure

Watership Down: This is a book by Richard Adams. It’s a brilliant adventure story about the survival of rabbits — very beautiful and thought-provoking. The characters of the rabbits are very well sketched out. It’s an absolute page-turner.

The Snow Leopard: This is an incredible story about exploring the Himalayas. The author, Peter Matthiessen, offers a tremendous amount of philosophy, which succeeds in awakening your soul as you read it. It’s an incredible mix of wildlife, outdoors, adventure and, at the same time, very deep and meaningful.

Lord Of The Rings: The entire series by JRR Tolkien is an amazing creation. The characters, settings, story and fantasy are very appealing and are written beautifully on a fabulous canvas.

Ice Station Zebra: This is one of the stories I grew up on. I’ve read it hundreds of times. Alistair MacLean has written this book about survival in the Arctic Ocean. It’s a fast-moving mystery.

–Shweta Mehta

Aruna Irani

Mother India (1957): I saw this movie as a kid and it has remained with me ever since. It is ingrained in my memory. This movie has solid emotions and characters. I loved the characters played by Sunil Dutt, Kanhaiyalal and, above all, Nargis.

Mughal-e-Azam (1960): This is an old movie and I still remember each scene. Yet, every time I watch this movie, I feel like I am
hearing the dialogues for the very first time. I would prefer watching Mughal-e-Azam over any other movie.

Sholay(1975): This movie is a superb entertainer. There was an undercurrent of comedy without buffoonery. Hema Malini and Amitabh Bachchan’s characters were too good! Even though Jaya Bachchan’s role was short, it impressed me greatly. Amjad Khan was outstanding and Helen’s dance is still remembered by everyone.

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995): This is an amazing movie with the perfect blend of Indian and modern traditions. After many years, I finally saw a movie that appealed to me. I loved all of the emotions portrayed in this movie.

–Manali Shah

First Published: Jul 11, 2010 13:50 IST