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Masters choice

Get your list of what to read, listen, eat and watch from the proven experts in the field.

entertainment Updated: Oct 17, 2010 16:54 IST

Get your list of what to read, listen, eat and watch from the proven experts in the field.

Siddhartha Khosl Frontman and singer, Goldspot.

1 Vande mataram: I am very proud of this song. It collectively represents our Indian conscience. Especially for NRIs, it gives them a sense of identity. I first heard it at home as a youngster. My parents would play it and sing it to me. It’s still one of my favourite tracks.

2 Wonderwall: It reminds me of my childhood. I grew up listening to Oasis in high school and early college in UK. The stage antics and the melodic songs just had a way of becoming my most hummable tunes.

3 Stairway to Heaven: Now which kid doesn't like this song by Led Zeppelin? It is a must-listen when you realise what instrumentation, singing, harmonics and lyricism are; just what music is. Of course I would try to sing it too, but I think I was always more of a melodic pop addict.

4 Chuu Kar Mere Mann Ko: Growing up in London, my parents had cassettes that they played on idle Sundays. This is one of my favourite Kishore Kumar songs. He was a great singer, musician and writer. I would have loved to meet him. I took to music seriously after I heard his songs. I would sing them all the time.

Meldan Dcunha
Chef, Soul Fry Casa

1 Aasvad, Shivaji Park: They specialize in Maharashtrian food and are very famous for their wadis and piyush, a traditional cold drink. They also serve a fantastic missal. What I like most is that the food is simple and home made.

2 Sneha, Mahim: It is located opposite Paradise Cinema, and is very well known for its chicken curry and fried fish. I frequent this joint for their fish curry. It is very economical.

3 Madina, Mahim: It is right next to Sneha, and serves the same kind of food. There is a variety of fried fish and prawns on
offer. The surmai, bangda and prawn fry are among my favourites. Even the tavaa prawns taste very good.

4 Lucky Dragon, Mahim: This is a fairly new restaurant, that has opened near Matunga station. They have a wide range of Chinese dishes on offer, at very reasonable prices. I like their wontons and butter garlic prawns. This place is doing very well because it is great value for money.

Sachit Jain
Author of Ready for Take Off

1 The Goal: This is a fantastic book by Eliyahu M Goldratt. It is a book based on marketing management and the theory of constraints. It tells you how to bring about improvement in a manufacturing plant. The story is written in a very clear style and is easy to understand.

2How To Win Friends and Alienate People: A very simple book on human relationships by Dale Carnegie. It talks about how we can build relationships. He has illusrated it with simple techniques that can be used in our day-to-day lives.

3 Good to Great: This book, as the name suggests, can take you to greatness, as an organization. Jim Collins has put down some very interesting concepts. Among my favourites are the Level 5 leadership and the Hedgehog Concept. I like those very much, they’re really interesting to read.

4 It's Not Luck:This is a book on marketing and general management. Again, it is written by Eliyahu M Goldratt, and it is a sequel to The Goal. In this story, the same character from The Goal, gets promoted to the post of General Manager.

Rohit Shetty
Director, Golmaal 3

1Sholay (1975): It's a film of the millennium, with a magnificent cast, amazing cinematography, spectacular performances, powerful dialogues and commendable music. The best part is its characters. They became immortal, continue to live through generations and are fondly remembered till date.

2 Pursuit of Happyness (2006): A very sincere film, unlike usual success stories, it follows a pattern more common in life - archiving a series of failures and missed opportunities. It depicts things that didn't quite happen, all of which are
accompanied by a connected accumulation of barely noticeable victories that amount to something. The performances of Will Smith and his son Jaden are beautiful.

3Cinema Paradiso (1988): If you love movies, it's impossible not to value this one. Most of it is told through flashbacks. It's the kind of film that can brighten up a gloomy day. Light and romantic, this fantasy is tinged with just enough realism to make us believe in its magic, even as we are enraptured by its spell.

4 Jewel Thief (1967): It's one of the first suspense thrillers in Bollywood history. The screenplay is simply mind-blowing. Except Dev Anand and Tanuja, all the other 20 actors are lying in the film including the leading lady Vyjantimala. The movie has an impressive message - to live life completely so that when death comes to you like a thief in the night, there will be nothing left for her to steal from you.

First Published: Oct 17, 2010 15:55 IST