Meet Prof Arnold now

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger is literally back, and this time as a think tank guru and author.

entertainment Updated: Oct 13, 2012 00:46 IST
Arnold Schwarzenegger,Hindustan Times

He’s been a governor, a movie star and the world’s greatest body builder, but actor Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t done yet. The man, who never tires of telling people he’ll be back, has returned again, this time as a global policy wonk and statesman dedicated to leading America into what he calls a new post-partisan era.

Schwarzenegger recently appeared at the University of Southern California to officially launch the USC Schwarzenegger Institute for State and Global Policy. He’s hoping that through the institute, created with a $20 million commitment from Schwarzenegger and others, he can tackle issues such as hunger, health care and global warming. “No ideology has a monopoly on solutions,” he says.

He’ll also take an active role in teaching at USC. The institute’s academic director, Nancy Staudt, already refers to him as ‘Professor Schwarzenegger’. Meanwhile, he has also come out with his autobiography and has a pair of movies in post-production. One of them, The Tomb, co-stars his old buddy Sylvester Stallone.

He is not staying back in promoting the book and discussing, among other things, the affair he had with his nanny that resulted in a son out of wedlock and destroyed his marriage to Maria Shriver.

Overall, however, he is painting a bright picture of his time as governor but is sorry for his wrong doings. “You cannot just do it my way or the highway. I tried that and I failed,” he says.

First Published: Oct 12, 2012 19:32 IST