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Messaging Karan Johar

I don’t have the right contacts to meet the big people, so I’ll approach them in a way that best suits me. I’ll write to them! Let’s hope KJo replies

entertainment Updated: Jun 14, 2010 13:19 IST
Lokhandwala Lad
Lokhandwala Lad
Hindustan Times

Write as much as I may about my Mr India experience, it actually was quite a good one. Because it exposed me to the industry and the way it works. Take, for example, the guy who won. He didn’t join until two days before the date of the finals.

He had already been modelling for six years and had participated in some of the contests earlier and, of course, he knew almost everyone organising the event. Later, I got to know that the event organisers had asked him to participate so that he would win. They wanted a winner who had a mature face and some experience. I didn’t win, but I knew I was good.

Being a fresher among all the other experienced guys, I still managed to reach the final five! My answers were kickass and drew the loudest applause from the crowd. The female judge gave a thumbs-up to my mum, who was cheering, seated in the row behind her. But who knows what the judges decided and what the organisers had already pre-decided? This was my stepping stone into the industry.

Coming back to my life now. To my surprise, I was invited to a couple of events the past week. This has happened after a long, long time — the party invites had just dried up in the past year, since I parted ways with my agency. They were the ones who used to send me to all these places, to hobnob. But I never did, because I felt so out of place at all these events.

Instead, I used to sit back and observe the kind of people this earth can produce. So, nothing’s changed; I did the same the last week. The first event was a Hollywood film preview, a late night show at one of those multiplexes in Andheri. A good friend gave me two tickets and asked me to bring a friend along as well.

As I was leaving for the movie, at the last minute, I suddenly realised it was a special screening, which meant that this was not my ordinary run-of-the mill movie outing, where I could go in my old shorts and a gym T-shirt. No, it was a ‘special screening’, so we were expected to dress well and there would be a decent turnout of celebrities too. You know the types, the ones who always show up, to watch free English movies.

So there I was, a bit dressed up, and it turned out that there were a total of three celebrities who turned up! The rest were all wannabes (or people like me…).

So I did the thing, which I’m good at: I blended into the background and observed. The kind of effort these wannabes put into getting ready is painstaking and, as my friend rightly said, the lesser known the person, the more dressed up he will be, though I wouldn’t use the term ‘well dressed’ to describe them, as there were quite a few looney tunes out there.

They included this guy with the tightest jeans I’ve ever seen, wearing those long pointy black leather shoes, a bright yellow-coloured figure-hugging tight t-shirt, with a jacket thrown over too (!) and his hair in front of his eyes. I felt like keeping him as an ugly decorative piece in my house, so that every time I looked at him, it would make me laugh. There were also those less known young actors, who try to act all friendly with each other. I hate it when they do that, as if they know you from your previous birth, even though it may be only the second time you bumped into each other.

I also emailed Karan Johar this week. What I mean is that I sent him a message on Facebook, as I didn’t have his email address.

Even if I did, how would I be sure if he checks it or not? I hope his profile on Facebook is not a fake one — it seemed real for sure! I won’t type the whole email, but the gist was that: “I’m Lokhandwala Lad and I’d love to work with you, so please please please give me a chance (preferably a lead in the next movie).”

It dawned on me again that I haven’t come here to do character roles, neither am I here to do serials. So what am I doing here? I don’t have the right contacts to meet the big people, so I’ll approach them in a way that best suits me. I’ll write to them! Let’s hope KJo replies. Keeping my fingers crossed.

First Published: Jun 14, 2010 12:15 IST