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Miracles do happen: Anu Malik

Bollywood music director Anu Malik talks about the therapeutic quality of music and his experiences in the spiritual realm.
Hindustan Times | By Malvika Nanda
UPDATED ON MAY 30, 2010 12:20 AM IST

What’s your idea of God? I realise the meaning on God, each time on a long-haul flight. When I see the earth, oceans and the vastness of the sky, the moon and stars at night and the morning sun... At that time, I feel humbled and small. When people ask, is there a God, you just have to look at what all he has created. That power makes you want to bow down. There is just one god, and he teaches us to be good human beings.

Do you make a distinction between religion and spirituality? Spirituality simply means being happy with oneself. They could be interconnected, but I feel we’re born with a religion but spirituality is what we seek for ourselves. The purpose is to reach a higher level of consciousness. There are some people who mingle both, to achieve that state.

Do you feel that something/someone keeps you protected? When I lost my father I was shattered, now I feel god is my father. You need someone to look up to. That someone who keeps you focused and protected in this world full of sleaze, lust and violence. Yes, I feel protected.

How do you make your spiritual connection work at work and in life? I reach spirituality through nature, especially the rain and music. All my songs about the rains have been very successful. Music is healing for me and for others too. One woman told me that she wanted to commit suicide but she said after hearing Baazigar, she wanted to live.

Do you have a special ‘God moment’? Several times when I feel defeated, something tells me I’m just about to spring back. That kind of feeling only comes from god. There have been moments in my life that were nothing short of miracles. Like the birth of my child Anmol… after my wife had several miscarriages and the doctors had given up. I had that moment again 5 to 6 years back while travelling to a dargah in Ajmer, Rajasthan. We had a massive car accident, fire was all around us and I didn’t know what to… Then I heard a voice telling me to break the window with my own hands. Khwaja Gharib Nawaz helped us escape unhurt.

Who or what are your spiritual ideals? Swami Vivekananda is very important in my life, as is Gautam Buddha, I believe in his teachings. And Dalai Lama of course.

What’s your personal solution for communal harmony in India? Respect every religion; love all human beings, rich or poor. We have to consider each other as equals...

Define ‘happiness’. It’s a feeling of well-being from within. Good health is important to be happy.

Do you have a talisman? I wear music around myself like a chola (robe). Every human being is born with a gift, one just has to identify it. Music is my talisman.

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