Moore angane mein!
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Moore angane mein!

Rapchik Rajni.. sounding like she’s just hit a gold mine. She met her school saheli, who recalled spotting Julianne Moore at Four Seasons in Worli on Wednesday afternoon.

entertainment Updated: Apr 24, 2009 15:38 IST
Hindustan Times

Morning my salsa-dipped nachos! Wassup in your duniya?
Plenty happening in mine, I tell ya. Vyjjy is threatening to fly in tonight.. just to pick me up and return to South Africa, where he’s considerably preoccupied with some cricket tournament. Seems he can’t do without my lucky presence and wants to beat the wicked ways of the wicket before his team loses any more matches. Hmmph!

Anyway, let’s get started with your dose of daily goss. Oh, oh.. excuse moi while I answer this call.. seems like someone is dying to connect with me. Turns out to be Rapchik Rajni.. sounding like she’s just hit a gold mine. She met her school saheli, who recalled spotting Julianne Moore at Four Seasons in Worli on Wednesday afternoon.

Ears all up and alert at the mention of a Hollywood actress, Rajni got into her sleuthing mode and fired all the how come, why, what, when, where queries like a volley of arrows.. leaving her sakhi harrowed.

All she could find out was that the actress, who won Oscar nominations for her brilliant performances in End of The Affair and Far From Heaven, was staying at the hotel and had a meeting over lunch at the restaurant there. Rajni’s friend wanted to greet Moore and even click a picture with her, but her meeting went on for a while.. and saheli couldn’t wait till it ended.

Hmm, badhiya hai. Must summon my ever-so-reliable Sher Lock Holmes to find out all the details available and even those not available.. so I can share all the andar ki baat with you my dahlings.

Anger management
Awright.. for those who are missing reading about Kangana Ranaut these days, Madhu my Mottu Maid has found out the cause of her absence from my column.. and the city (if that’s any consolation).

Anyway, Kangana is away in Hyderabad, shooting a rather longish schedule of a Telugu film. According to Mots, there are a couple of bold scenes in the movie and that’s also why the producers didn’t think twice before agreeing to pay the remuneration she demanded. And it certainly is quite a huge amount, Motti reiterates.

No wonder, beau Adhyayan Suman is in khunnas ever since. I’ve been informed that he’s using all the gussa in a constructive way.. by working away for hours at the gym. Zor laga ke hai..shaa.. and all that.

Dhoom again?
Okay, you remember that you read it here first that Parmeet Sethi is turning director and Yash Raj Films is backing him in his debut! Well, continuing with the tradition of being the first to tell you things, I’ll let you in on the kinda flick Parmeet is making with Shahid Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Vir Das and Meiyang Chang.

Never mind all the reports of Sethi’s directorial debut being inspired by Rock On!!.. because, according to my source at the studio, despite the music it features, the film essentially revolves around a heist.. and how it changes the attitude and perception of the principal characters.. and how they go about solving their differences for a happy happy ending.

Aur pata hai kya? There will be some chase sequences also, enthuses my source. Sounds so much like yet another Dhoom dhadaka, no? And that means that fast bikes and cars will be brought out from their garages once again. Whether it matches up to the first two flicks is something that remains to be seen.

Going solo
Oi oi.. Rapchik Rajni is looking rather pleased now. Seeing my quizzical expression, she volunteers to tell me about meeting Sonika, Vinay Pathak’s ex-wife.

Recalling her mulaqat, Rajni tells me that Sonika appears to be much more chilled out, now that her divorce with Vinay has come through.

Apparently, he gave her plenty of grief before filing for the divorce.. and even while the matter was in court, he didn’t exactly treat her cordially, and harassed her instead.. and even indulging in unethical tactics during the course of the legal route. It is also believed that he stated in the divorce papers that Sonika couldn’t deal with his celebrity status.. among many other differences. Anyway, all’s well that ends well, says Rajni.. feeling happy for Sonika, who has also got the legal custody of the children. Theek hai.

Buzz karo ya bas karo?
Here comes Mottu with my lopchu. Now she’s pleading with me to hear about a mail she’s received from someone called Piyush Jha.

Who he now? I’m told he’s the director of the forthcoming Sikandar, featuring Madhavan, Black girl Ayesha Kapoor and Parzan Dastur of Parzania.

Mots says that Jha is writing to everyone that his movie’s release has been delayed due to the ongoing strike between the multiplexes, and producers and distributors. And that the new date will be set once the strike is over. In the meanwhile, he’s telling his friends to keep the buzz going.

Huh? What buzz is he talking about now? Mottu bhi na! But then, such is life dearies.

First Published: Apr 24, 2009 15:28 IST