Motivation matters

Actor Sonakshi Sinha says her new, shapely self is a result of support from family and friends, and a good fitness regime.

entertainment Updated: Oct 30, 2010 01:08 IST

Veteran actor Shatrughan Sinha’s daughter Sonakshi is the latest entrant to Bollywood’s club of hot babes, after Dabangg. The dedicated diva lost oodles of weight before she made her grand entry in B-town, having come a long way from her baby fat days. “I was the best goalkeeper in my school; I was so healthy that I would cover half the goal!” she jokes, sharing more:

My fitness routine
There is no secret behind it. You have to hit the gym no matter what, at least for an hour, four-five times a week. I have some equipment at home as well, so I work out at home when I am not at the gym. Dieting is not an option; you have to eat right. Dieting and working out go hand in hand if you want to be fit. In fact, I’m the laziest person you can ever come across, but I still push myself to diet and work out. I go to the gym for cardio because you can’t do it at home. I jog, I cycle and I spin. I have also begun swimming and yoga. I have shed 30 kilos over a period of time.

Motivation did it

I was encouraged by Salman, my family and friends. I didn’t have a healthy weight till the age of 18-19. So I made a conscious effort to lose weight, but strictly for health reasons. sonakshi

I was very much into sports when I was in school. I would play throw ball, basketball and football. I also played volleyball. I reached the national selection level. I played tennis, too. Despite all this, I was fat.

Stunts in Dabangg
I haven’t done any, because doing stunts in a ghagra-choli and saris is difficult!

My personal trainer
Deane Pandey’s team trains me.

Diet tip
I love food. But one should stop eating carbs after 6pm, and also have a couple of glasses of green tea. Earlier, when I was actively into sports, I would gorge on pizzas and pastas. And now, I haven’t eaten a pizza in a long while.

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First Published: Oct 29, 2010 18:59 IST