BTS: When J-Hope got angry with Jimin over a photo, asked him to 'stay away'. Watch

BTS member J-Hope once got ‘angry’ with Jimin after latter sneakily took a solo picture during a photoshoot. 
BTS members J-Hope and Jimin.
BTS members J-Hope and Jimin.
Updated on Oct 27, 2021 09:38 AM IST
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BTS has been a close-knit group since its inception. However, the members have admitted that they've had their share of fights as well. While Jimin and V's dumpling fight is known among the fandom, a Bangtan Bomb was released in 2014 in which J-Hope got ‘angry’ with Jimin over a picture. 

A photography activity was planned out keeping the BTS members in focus. As part of the shoot, only one member would get a chance to pose solo while other members had to pair up and pose. J-Hope had requested for a solo shot, however, Jimin got a solo shot, leaving J-Hope to pose with Jin.

J-Hope recorded a video message for Jimin in which he warned Jimin of revenge. He flew a few punches towards the camera, warning Jimin. However, J-Hope couldn't keep a straight face through the 'warning message'.

"I can't stand it anymore," he told the camera, "You die," he added. "Watch me, I'm coming for revenge," he said. After a long wait, Jimin finally appeared and J-Hope tried to put up an angry front. "Stay away from me!" he announced, leaving Jimin in splits. "Give me the camera, please," he asked and then began punching the air while Jimin tried to calm him down. Jimin also offered a justification. 

“I didn't know I did something wrong. I just... We were supposed to take photos from Chuseok (a holiday similar to Thanksgiving in Korea) cards. When I returned, he didn't say a single word. So I secretly took them from his hand and took the photo right there. His face was so red and veins were showing on his neck,” he said. When Jimin asked J-Hope if he was ‘really angry’, J-Hope rose from his chair and began punching again. 

Jimin asked him to continue punching and J-Hope followed his suggestion, leaving everyone in the room in splits. J-Hope asked Jimin to go watch the video he recorded for him while the editors of the video revealed that J-Hope got his solo shot the next day. 


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BTS recently made headlines for their concert, Permission to Dance on Stage. The online concert featured the members revisiting their hit songs. While V couldn't dance, he sang the songs lined up for the show with the fellow members. 

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