Music composer DSP has given hits such as Seeti Maar and Aa Aante Amalapuram.
Music composer DSP has given hits such as Seeti Maar and Aa Aante Amalapuram.

Devi Sri Prasad: Announcements for my upcoming Bollywood projects went haywire due to Covid

Popular music composer Devi Sri Prasad, or DSP, talks about his career in Bollywood and stuck projects in this pandemic.
By Rishabh Suri
PUBLISHED ON JUN 11, 2021 09:00 PM IST

He has been churning out hits for Tamil and Telugu films for several years now, and Bollywood, too, couldn’t stay untouched by his music. Dhinka Chika and Aa Aante Amalapuram were originals by him, and later recreated in Hindi. Devi Sri Prasad aka DSP, as he’s fondly called by the industry people, recently recreated Seeti Maar for Salman Khan’s Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai.

While there are more Bollywood projects lined up, he tells us, “What was happening is that I didn’t get any gap with all my work in Tamil and Telugu films. After Dhinka Chika, I did come here with my team. This time, I’m keeping aside more time. After Seeti Maar, I’ve got more Hindi films. I can’t reveal though, but because of Covid, I don’t know when the announcements will be made.”

In fact, some of the films have already been shot, DSP reveals, and is quick to mention that the pandemic has played a spoilsport.

“Because of Covid, everything has gone haywire. But talking about positive things, this lockdown has given me time to think and plan a few things I should do next. Out of that, Bollywood is one thing I always wanted to do. So, I’m segregating time accordingly, keeping both the South and Hindi films in focus,” assures the music composer, who started his career in 1999.

What DSP is glad is that most of his projects happen to be pan-India films, and hence, his music will reach out to more number of listeners. Reflecting back on his journey so far, he says, “I was 16-17 when I started off, so I grew up with the music industry. I’m not just a music composer, but also a music lover... I’m a part of the audience. I look at myself from their point of view and what they’d want to listen. I’m a huge Michael Jackson fan, people see me dancing on stage in shows. Before I became famous, people who know me closely knew me first as a dancer, then a composer. I make music because I dance.”

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