Nicki Minaj detained in Amsterdam ahead of Manchester show? Rapper films her arrest, blogs about alleged ‘sabotage’ - Hindustan Times

Nicki Minaj detained in Amsterdam ahead of Manchester show? Rapper films her arrest, blogs about alleged ‘sabotage’

May 25, 2024 10:41 PM IST

Nicki Minaj was reportedly arrested on her way to a Manchester concert for alleged possession of marijuana.

Nicki Minaj boarded a rollercoaster ride of emotions this weekend. Just hours after her historic Pink Friday 2 World Tour expanded its reach by announcing the second US leg following her highly acclaimed tour's success with the first leg, the Anaconda songstress shared footage of her reported arrest outside an Amsterdam airport.

Picture from Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday 2 World Tour on Instagram.
Picture from Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday 2 World Tour on Instagram.

Filming the entire incident via Instagram, Nicki also constantly updated her fans on X/Twitter on what she claimed to be an attempt to “sabotage” her tour. The unexpected befell the ‘Super Freaky Girl’ as she arrived at the airport to board her flight to Manchester for her next show.

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Nicki Minaj arrested? Here's what happened (as documented by the rapper herself) 

A video shows a man approaching Nicki, claiming her bags had to be checked. As she held on to the belief that it was all a ploy for her to miss her show in Manchester, Minaj was arrested for allegedly carrying "pre-rolls” in her baggage. She was told that all her luggage had to be offloaded from the plane and searched.

The Night Is Still Young rapper said in her Instagram Live that she was asked to board a police van “and go into the precinct with no lawyer present.” Although initially, it wasn't clear as to what the authorities were looking for, Minaj's minute-after-minute updates on X/Twitter mentioned marijuana as she alluded to weed being legal in Amsterdam in one of her tweets.

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She later added on X/Twitter, “They took my luggage & when I asked where it is they said it’s on the plane. It couldn’t have been, I just pulled up.”

After sharing a video of her interaction with an airline crew member and explaining what prompted the abrupt investigation on X, Nicki opened her online tirade with tweets like, “They’ve been trying everything they possibly can to TRY to stop this tour.” 

She posted the video on Instagram as well, captioning it: “They’ve been trying to stop me from coming to every show. They took my bags before I could see them. Put it on the plane. Now saying they’re waiting on customs. This is what it looks like when ppl are paid big money to try to sabotage a tour after all else failed. Everything they’ve done is illegal.”

In the video, the man claims that a “police officer told” him that they had “to offload all the luggage and to search everything.” Filming the entire development, Nicki asks, “But wasn't that what you planned on doing from the get-go? Why didn't you guys search it before it went on the plane?” 

He then states that while a “random quick check” had been carried out, they wanted to open it again. When Nicki questioned him further about why that was so, he said, “First of all, because you filmed him... [and] ... he doesn't believe you that you don't have more with you than you say.”

Another tweet soon followed: “They’re being paid big money to try to sabotage my tour b/c soooooo many ppl are mad that it’s this successful & they can’t eat off me. They got caught stealing money from my travel/jets. Got fired. Got mad. Etc.”

She eventually also suggested that things were supposedly being “planted” in her luggage to drag her down. Expanding on why they could be delaying her, Nicki later wrote, “They try to make me book another jet every time. All b/c I fired mngmnt who I found out for years were adding on 30-50K on my jet & pocketing it. I fired a tour mngr recently who was doing the same thing & mad he got the boot. Their goal is to make me late, & to pocket 40K.”

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With objections allegedly rising against her Instagram footage, she eventually claimed that the “pre-rolls” found in the bags belonged to her security personnel: “Now they said they found weed & that another group of ppl have to come here to weigh the pre-rolls. Keep in mind they took my bags without consent. My security has already advised them those pre-rolls belong to him. Oh yea & the pilot wants me to take my ig post down.”

Nicki began blogging about the situation on X hours ago when her flight was supposed to take off. The original Instagram story went up four hours ago. 

Her fans are undoubtedly shaken and in limbo as they await more updates from their beloved star. #FREENICKI also started trending on the social media platform as many expressed their anxieties about the rapper's safety. At the time of writing, her last tweet emerged on X/Twitter two hours ago, as she wrote: “Now they said I have to go 5 mins away to make a statement about my security to the police precinct.”


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