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'My dad, Amitabh uncle were business partners'

Anupam Kher's son Sikandar Kher reveals that he shares a special bond with Bachchans as his father Anupam Kher was a business partner in ABCL.
IANS | By Subhash K Jha, Mumbai
UPDATED ON JUN 03, 2008 11:57 AM IST

Onlookers often wonder why Sikandar Kher is constantly seen accompanying the Bachchans at important public events. It was presumed that his mom Kirron Kher's friendship with Jaya Bachchan was the reason behind this comradeship. But there's a much deeper link between Sikandar and the Bachchans.

"My dad, Gautam Berry, Amit uncle and Bunty Uncle (Ajitabh Bachchan) were business partners in ABCL (now re-christened AB Corp Ltd). Our families have shared everything since then," Sikandar told IANS.

The entire Bachchan family - Amitabh, Jaya, Abhishek and Aishwarya - showed up for the premiere of Sikandar's debut vehicle Woodstock Villa last week.

"In fact, my baby crib was the same one that Abhishek and his sister Shweta and then two children of Bunty uncle had used. After them, it was handed over to me. That's how close we've been. So I've even 'cribbed' with the Bachchan kids."

Later, when Kirron divorced Gautam, the Bachchans continued to look out for Sikandar and his mom. But Sikandar didn't lose touch with his real dad.

"To me Gautam papa and Anupam are equally important. I don't want to call one my biological dad and the other my adopted dad. That does injustice to both. Yes, I don't see Gautam papa as often as I'd like to because he lives at the other end of the town. But neither do I see that much of Anupam papa because he's constantly travelling."

Gautam surprised Sikandar by showing up at the premiere of Woodstock Villa with a group of his friends and the newcomer was overwhelmed.

"He watched the film quietly and left. Later he sent me an SMS, which I'm going to treasure forever. I can't give out its full content. But when he said he was proud of me, I felt 10 feet tall."

Gautam and Sikandar are bonding again big time.

"He's now teaching me to play golf. I feel extremely lucky to have my mom, my two fathers to guide me in my career. Plus the Bachchans, who are like a family beyond my own family."

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