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Life has been the best gift ever gifted to me... I live it to its extreme, in my own way: Rajat Chauhan

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Vaishali Bhambri
Vaishali Bhambri
Hindustan Times

Rajat Chauhan, 35, Sports Medicine Physician, Khirki Village

Hometown New Delhi
College MBBS from Manipal College of Medical Sciences, Pokhara in Nepal
Occupation I like to call myself as the only professional runner in India as my whole professional network is based around that, in one way or another, sports and exercise medicine physician and musculo-skeletal physician
Favourite book Screw it, Let’s do it by Richard Branson
Favourite quote If you aren’t living (running) on the edge, you are wasting too much space
Sexual preference Heterosexual
Sandals or sneakers Sneakers that are as minimalist as sandals
Beer or wine Had a bad experience with beer way back in 1993. The only time I had beer, I had seven bottles at one go and then did some very stupid things. Easily wine.
Music you enjoy Good music. James Blunt’s ‘I’ll take everything’ is one of my all time favourites Who Does Your Hair Have always done myself
Who inspires you My Mother
Best thing that has ever been gifted to you Life... I live it to its extreme, in my own way
Favourite band U2
Why this profession There would be no other speciality in medicine that I could be good at. Now it’s not profession, it’s passion Delhi summer or Delhi winter I actually enjoy both. People complain a bit too much about both
Favourite spot in Delhi Rajpath (running view from top of Raisena Hill towards India Gate)
One memorable moment of your life Seeing my elder son for the first time. Magical. (same for younger one)
Would love to have dinner with Two brats (my sons) and wife
Money in your wallet at the moment R100
Craziest thing you’ve ever done Putting La Ultra — The High, world’s toughest and highest ultra marathon (222 km) together when everyone called it impossible. Friends from business school warned me that I would go bankrupt. Folks from Adventure Wing at Army Head Quarters told me that it was impossible to do
The person in this field who inspires you I suppose you are talking about Sports Medicine. Dr Peter Gregory, my mentor in Sports Medicine
One thing you can’t live without Running
Who is your music icon James Blunt and
Facebook friends 1,206
Listening to music or playing music Listening to music. I was once in school choir, but was told to be on mute as I was messing up the whole thing. That was the end of my singing career
Favourite food item Bread
The athlete you admire Lance Armstrong
Contemporary rock or classical rock Classical Rock
Dieting or work out? Working out
Favourite place to shop in Delhi Select CityWalk
Rainy or sunny days? Rainy days. Brilliant for running
Your favourite sport Running :) Yes, it’s a sport in itself
Was being a doctor your first choice? No. Wanted to be a professional runner. But then was told that I would be running after bread everyday. So, like any decent middle class family I was advised to pick up medicine, engineering or law, with more emphasis on medicine.

About the marathon
Dr Chauhan, who fell in love with running at the age of nine, is currently busy organising La Ultra — The High- 2011, Le Tour de France of Running, world’s highest and toughest ultra-marathon. It is a 222-km and 60-hour long marathon starting 42 km north of Khardung La. The marathon will be organised on August 11 and is for professional athletes only. However, this year, 10km, half and full marathons have been introduced for local participation. For more information log on to

His fitness workshops
He conducts three different types of workshops at his clinic n Posture correctness and fitness workshops for youngsters n Muscle tightening, body toning and fitness workshops for women in pre and post pregnancy periods n Performance enhancement workshops for golf players

Venue: Back 2 Fitness, G-6 Triveni Commercial complex, Sheik Sarai Phase - 1 Cost: R3,000 per workshop Tel: 011 46560339

First Published: Jul 25, 2011 16:31 IST