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Personal agenda of Sharman Joshi

A few comedies followed but the critically acclaimed Rang De Basanti is undoubtedly Sharman’s most successful movie so far. The actor bares it all to Veenu Singh.
Hindustan Times | By Veenu Singh, New Delhi
UPDATED ON MAR 09, 2009 08:19 PM IST

Coming from a family of actors and performing artists in Gujarati theatre, it was natural for Sharman to take to acting. After trying out both English and Gujarati theatre, Sharman made his film debut with Godmother. He got rave reviews.

A few comedies followed but the critically acclaimed Rang De Basanti is undoubtedly Sharman’s most successful movie so far. Now the actor is busy hosting Poker Face, a brand new show on the country’s newest entertainment channel, Real TV.

What are you reading at the moment?
I am reading 2-3 books right now, one of them is Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian L Weiss.

Fun to you is…
Spending time with my daughter.

If you were invisible for a day, you would…
I think I would be pretty much doing the same things I generally do.

The one invention you’re really waiting for…
Something like a flying car that can help me avoid Mumbai’s traffic.

Your worst date ever?
I don’t think I ever had a bad date as all of them were carefully chosen.

Would you like to be young forever?
No. I would like to age gracefully though.

Your idea of a perfect meal?
I am not much of a foodie and don’t go out often. So I guess normal home cooked food would be good for me.

Slim or voluptuous?
I like my woman to be slim.

Rate in order of importance: Fame, money, power.
I think they work in the same order for me – Fame, money and power.

Three people from history you’d like to meet?
Adolf Hitler, Mahatma Gandhi and Bhagat Singh.

Are you a morning person or a night person?
A night person completely.

What are you addicted to?

Weekend at a wellness spa or weekend at a luxury beach resort?
Weekend at a wellness spa for sure.

Who do you think your partner has a crush on?
Well, she has eyes only for me.

Western wear or ethnic wear?
Western wear.

What’s your retirement dream?
To own a nice house in the countryside where I spend eight months and the other four months in Mumbai.

Five personal care products you can’t do without?
I am not that much into personal care so can survive without products.

The one fashion trend you just don’t understand?
It doesn’t matter as I don’t care about fashion at all.

Your next move?
I plan to learn Urdu because I really like it.

Interviewed by Veenu Singh

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