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Get your list of what to read, listen, eat and watch from the proven experts in the field.

entertainment Updated: Jun 26, 2011 14:47 IST

Read: Rashmi Bansal, Author, I Have a Dream

Malgudi Days
RK Narayan
I love this book because it shows you don’t have to be literary to create great literature. Every book by RK Narayan is childlike, yet powerful. Malgudi is not a town, it is a cauldron of human emotions.

Love Story
Erich Segal
This novel is slim, elegant and makes me laugh and cry every time I read it; truly inspiring.

Tipping Point
Malcolm Gladwell
Gladwell writes non-fiction in so compelling a style and form that you want to turn to the next page all the time. He’s a role model for me as a writer. I highly recommend this book to all students of marketing.

The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13 3/4
Sue Townsend
Satire is really difficult to write and more so, to sustain. But Sue Townsend is a natural. Her books are intelligent, yet funny.

The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency
Alexander McCall Smith
What a prolific author, and what joy it is to read his work. It’s light and entertaining, yet packs in so much understanding of what makes people think and act the way they do. It’s the perfect book to curl up with on a rainy afternoon.

Listen: Rohan Kulshreshtha, Peter Cat Recording Company

In Rainbows
Even people who don’t listen to music seriously know about Radiohead and this album. The fact that it is the band’s most accessible record doesn’t take away from how brilliant it is.

Sam Cooke Live
atthe Harlem Square Club, 1963
Cooke was an influential pioneer of the RnB/gospel-pop movement in the early ’60s. One really gets a feel of just how fantastic a performer he was on this live album.

The Suburbs
Arcade Fire
Who would’ve thought that Arcade Fire would someday top their efforts with Neon Bible? The Suburbs is just as heroic an album, if not more. The thematic and musical consistency in this album is awesome.

The Velvet Underground
This is the album that gave us ‘I’m sticking with you…’, which happens to be one of the simplest, most heartfelt songs I’ve ever heard. Lou Reed is one hell of a musician whose songwriting spans more genres than can be named.

In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
Neutral Milk Hote
Largely based on the holocaust victim Anne Frank, this album is one of the best indie records. The sound is very raw and under-produced, which lends greatly to the album’s appeal.

Eat: Satyen Melwani, Owner, Chez Vous

Out Of The Blue, Bandra
I like this restaurant for its lazy and relaxed atmosphere. The open-air seating is a great option when the weather is right. All in all, the good food and wine make for a fun and romantic evening. Try the fondue here. It is delicious.

Prakash, Dadar
One of the few places that serve strictly authentic and reasonably priced Maharashtrian food. It might be small, crowded and not fancy, but I like the buzzing, old school atmosphere.

Elbo Room, Bandra
It’s always possible to find some friendly conversation at the bar here. The young, lively crowd adds a lot of energy to the atmosphere, but never gets too hyper. There is still an easy-going feel to the place.

Mia Cucina, Bandra
This small, easy-to-miss Bandra restaurant’s unique specialty happens to authentic Italian pizzas, in addition to the other great food on the menu, like the gnocchi. The ambience is best described as cute.

Indigo Café, Lokhandwala
Great food and warm service is what draws me to this place. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is romantic. I recommend the pizza here, as well as the grilled prawns. The pancakes should be tried by breakfast enthusiasts.

Watch: Shahana Goswami, Actor

Two Weeks’ Notice (2002)
There is no way you can keep a romantic comedy out of a girl’s favourite movie list and here’s my choice. Not only is Two Weeks’ Notice an amazing romantic comedy, it also has Hugh Grant as the very adorable, very sexy and very English boss!

Breaking The Waves (1996)
With great performances by Emily Watson and Stellan Skarsgård, the movie boasts of a certain voyeuristic hand-held way of shooting that makes you feel almost uncomfortable with the intensity depicted.

Abhimaan (1973)
The Amitabh-Jaya saga of love, ego and envy is a very well made and realistic film. I love it for its finer nuances. It is a movie that strikes a chord within me simply because it reeks of our male-dominated culture and the manner in which we are brought up.

Chupke Chupke (1990)
One of the best situational comedies I’ve seen. Hilarious performances by Dharmendra, Amitabh and the rest. The entire cast seems to be on the same wavelength when it comes to delivering that comic punch. The movie leaves me in splits every time I watch it.

Inception (2010)
This movie is not just an ode to my dreams, but also to cinematic brilliance. I have very vivid dreams and so the concept and execution of dream traversing strongly appealed to me visually.

First Published: Jun 26, 2011 13:12 IST