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Home / Entertainment / Ranbir Kapoor dislikes Deepika's hairstyle!

Ranbir Kapoor dislikes Deepika's hairstyle!

Ranbir Kapoor isn’t too happy with girlfriend Deepika Padukone’s hairstyle and he has expressed his honest opinions to Deepi, who has taken it in the right spirit.

entertainment Updated: Mar 03, 2009, 17:47 IST
Hindustan Times

Baal baal dekho
I’ve just been informed that Ranbir Kapoor isn’t too happy with girlfriend Deepika Padukone’s hairstyle.

Now, don’t ask me what he didn’t like and why.. but I’m told he has expressed his honest opinions to Deepi, who has taken it in the right spirit.

And that’s not all. Ranboo is believed to have told Deepi to change her stylist.. and came up with a few suggestions on whom she should hire to take care of her reshmi zulfen.

Now now dahlings, don’t you say anything nasty. We’ve heard of so many starry boyfriends looking into their girlfriends’ wardrobes. So what’s the problem if Ranboo wants to look at Deepi.. baal, baal?

Love means.. staying by your loved one through every hair-raising turn, right?

Prize moments
Morning my strawberry cheesecakes! The temperature is climbing everyday and we’ve only just entered March. I was moaning about the heat to Vyjjy, and my silver-bearded beau immediately proposed a weekend trip to the Alps.

Guess, he truly enjoyed our chhuti in Mexico and wants to relive the bliss. But I can’t leave you to Madhu my Mottu Maid’s moanings and droning so soon. So forget the snow, let me give you the details on the newest sting operation.

Mots, who can be as starry-eyed as Vyjjy attended some film award function last weekend and came back with, what she claims, is really dhaansu khabar. The snoop that she is, Mottu wasn’t content to sit quietly in her seat, even with her studola by her side. She went scurrying around Yash Raj Studios where the function was being held, perhaps hoping to pick up an omelette sandwich or two. Instead, she landed this nugget.

Backstage, she came upon the trio of Rekha, Shahid Kapur and Katrina Kaif who were chatting quietly while waiting to present the award for the Best Director. Mottu didn’t hear what Kapur exactlysaid, but Re didn’t look pleased with his comments.

She retorted to the unintended jibe with something like ‘Bachchu, it will take you 10 years to win an award.’ And Shahi responded that it would take him not 10 years but 10 months.

Obviously, he is confident of landing a prize catch at next year’s awards.Hmm, high hopes! Katrina who was a pretty bystander, seemed amused with the way the conversation was going, and joined him with a little ha ha ho ho hee hee..Of course, Madame Re was furious but prudently chose to retaliate at an appropriate time.. which came sooner than later. When Ashutosh Gowariker went on stage after being announced the winner, Re gleefully presented the trophy to him, pointedly ignoring Shahi and Kat who were standing by.

Feeling slighted, the twosome walked off in a huff even before Gowariker could complete his thank you speech. Manners, manners!

Picture this
I was was just wondering where my chahiti Urmila Matondkar has disappeared to.. when a jasoos from Juhu dropped by, claiming to have some news on her. Back in town after a holiday she had gifted herself on her birthday last month, Urms was at PVR for a dekko of the Sean Penn movie, Milk, a couple of days ago.

Nah, not akele akele or with a new man.. but with good old buddy, designer Manish Malhotra. They were joined by Tusshar Kapoor and Celina Jaitly, who have made it a habit to catch every new release in town.. saath saath.

Khabru says that director Abhishek Kapoor too sauntered in to see the same film, accompanied with his group of friends.. and stuck to their company right through the evening. Does it look like I care? Well, for that matter, neither did Urmila and company. Tsk, tsk.

How wonderful!
Two steps ahead and four steps back, that’s my Mottu Maid. Now she’s telling me that Sonal Chauhaan is feeling on top of the world. Nah, she hasn’t signed a multi-crore multi-movie deal with any corporate production company.. recession ka daur chal raha hai na.

The reason for the Jannat girl’s enthusiasm is a song she’s shooting for this month for her Kanadda flick, Cheluvine Ninna Nodalu. The khaasiyat about this track is that it features the most recent seven wonders of the world. And Sonal is gushing about her globe trotting ways to everyone who stops to listen to her.

Now, now now.. someone must tell Sonal to exercise a little restraint. Many many moons ago Aishwarya Rai had shot a song at the previous seven wonders of the world for Jeans.. and we all know whatever happened to it. Hai na?

No more short cuts
As usual, Mottu wants to have the last word. Seems my writing about David Dhawan going out to lunch with his wife Laali at Marriott, dressed in shorts, has had an immediate effect on the Nizam of Nonsense.

Mots spotted the director engrossed in a conversation with two guys at Marriot’s BBC late Saturday evening. And this time David was dressed more decently.. in a T-shirt over a pair of denims. Before I can even yawn at this piece of useless info, Mots is cribbing about Dhawan’s overgrown grey stubble, saying that he looked like a roly-poly version of Devdas.

Really now! Does it look like I care about the Davids or Goliaths of Mottu’s world. But then, such is life dearies.

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