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Miss K is what in cinema world they call the ‘starlet’. This is her weekly diary

entertainment Updated: Jul 11, 2010 14:44 IST
Miss K
Miss K
Hindustan Times

It’s raining… it’s pouring, prices are soaring. That was just the weather and news update, now for the lowdown on my week. The highlights were a weekend getaway, an English film audition, a trip to Vashi and a near-death experience!

With work being thanda (slow) in the monsoon, it’s the best time to just get away from the city. So I took off with friends to green Goa for a therapeutic weekend. It was all fun and no sun, till… that fateful night.

Miss KParanormal Activity

Somewhere at around 5 am, I woke up with a start, gasping heavily, like in those B-grade movies, with a piercing pain in my toe. I switched on the light to see droplets of blood on my foot and the floor! My friend, who was sleeping next to me, had vanished!

I mustered the courage to go downstairs and found my friend lying on the couch with the same bloody toe as mine! What was it? A splinter or a supernatural occurrence? I saw my brief life flash before my eyes. The next morning, a mighty mouse was found nibbling on some of our food. We had found our ET!

A rat bite! I didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. Being bitten by Stuart Little was something I couldn’t fathom. My visit to the doc meant a tetanus injection as well as a rabies vaccine consisting of five more. Aaaaa!

I’m now back in the city, finding my way back to life. Monsoons are a beautiful menace and making it to my play rehearsals, auditions and the gym is a whole lot heavier with umbrella, portfolio and shoes in tow. Where there’s a will, there’s a way... so putting the rabies behind me, I made it to all the auditions around the world. This week, I had a meeting with the owner of a garment company at the Inorbit mall in Vashi. Just the thought of going across town had drained me of all enthusiasm in life, but chances of landing this were high since they had already loved my sari pictures, so I finally convinced myself to do the distance.

As I strutted in to the mall road in my 5-inch heels, I spotted a man at the coffee shop enthusiastically waving. Appreciating all my pictures, he didn’t hesitate to tell me I topped his list of the bevy of beauties he’d met so far. In no time, the file was closed and the deal, sealed. I had him at hello. Kerala next month, baby! Woo hoo!

First Published: Jul 11, 2010 13:29 IST