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RGV to be newspaper columnist

Bollywood’s favourite jabber-talker is supplying his inane dose of eccentricity again. Ram Gopal Verma's blog will be read as a weekly column, called Naa, in a Telugu newspaper.

entertainment Updated: May 03, 2010 14:27 IST

Ram Gopal VermaBollywood’s favourite jabber-talker is supplying his inane dose of eccentricity again. This time, it’s Ram Gopal Varma’s fairly controversial online space that is making him earn his opinion. Certain posts on his blog, will now be turned into a weekly column for Telugu newspaper Saakshi, called Naa.

Varma writes on his blog, "It’s on my views, thoughts and experiences." Confirming, he says, "Yes that is true. I have already started sending in some columns. I have the freedom to say anything that I want to. There are posts which could’ve been longer, but I let it be. Now I’ll finally get to finish them.

Of course, Varma is known to be opinionated. Will the column make for controversies as well? “I can’t help it if what I say makes news for being controversial. I feel a certain way about things and if everyone else is allowed to have an opinion, why am I being called the controversial blogger?” he questions.

Controversies aside, the filmmaker is truly enjoying his blog space inhibition-free writing. “I get a lot of comments and I love the way people share their reactions to what I write. I enjoy discussions and debates. The blog just allows me to carry it forward,”

His obsession with debates have made for some hilarious blog fodder. Mulling over scores of comments he receives on his blog posts, Varma has written a series of posts labeled Reactions to Reactions, where he’s answering all his reactionaries. “I realised that while reading them, a lot of comments irked instant reactions. So I picked out what I thought were the best and decided to answer them in posts,” he confesses.

RGV’s favourite

From what age could you control your emotions?
When I was 8 years old, I stopped believing in God. Once that’s done, you can just revel in the purity of your debauchery.

What’s your opinion on cricket?
The only thing I hate more than cricket are the people who love it.

How the hell do you manage to be so ridiculously entertaining?
I tell the truth and truth by nature is ridiculous and entertaining. When I lie I make it sound like truth, it’s even more ridiculous and entertaining.
You pretend to be somebody else, which you are not.I am somebody else to somebody else because somebody else will always be a somebody else to somebody else.

What is love?
It’s a highly infectious dangerous disease, only cured by a strong medicine called marriage. There is a concentrated strong effort to write you off.
Writing off strongly breaks the nib of the pen. They would be better off in stabbing me with it. But however sharp their nib is it can’t ever pierce my heart since I don’t have one.
People don’t have a problem with a Baba cheating devotees but they have problems if he has sex. Wonderful observation.