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Robo Camp

City workshop teaches kids to make functional robots using basic math, science concepts.

entertainment Updated: Apr 29, 2011 13:13 IST
Nirmika Singh

This summer, kids can not only enjoy playing with cool gadgets, but also learn to create them. A robot-making workshop, RoboTech, conducted by Zee Learn Robotics Academy, teaches children, from the age of nine to 15 years, to apply concepts of math and science to create functional robots. “We have simplified the basics of the mechanics and electronics used, to make it easy for the kids. We use examples from everyday life to explain the concepts. For example, to explain the use of a resistor, which is a component that obstructs current, we compare it to a traffic jam, which obstructs the smooth flow of vehicles,” says Bhuvaneshwari Raman, general manager, Zee Learn.

The students are given a take-away kit at the workshop, which they can experiment with and create as many as 10 different kinds of robots. The kit comprises of a robot body, wheels, motors, motherboard and electronic sensors besides nuts and screws. “All the robots that kids learn to create work on the same mechanical structure. However, what makes each robot different from the other are the unique electronic connections and sensors. Students have to understand the logic behind them and build these robots as per the problem statement provided to them,” explains Raman.

At the workshop, students learn to build the most basic ‘line follower robot’ which follows a line of a particular colour, as well as a more complex ‘mobile phone controlled robot’ which follows a particular logic fed to the robot through the keypad of a mobile phone. Apart from that, kids also learn the fundamentals behind a ‘fire fighter robot’, one that can detect fire, create an alarm and locates the source. The ‘sound controlled robot’ follows a particular logic on hearing a specific sound. However, the robot-making kit is not restricted to 10 robots. Once a child understands the logic and experiments with the kit, he or she can build several more based on the same premise.

The workshop that starts on May 2nd is priced at Rs. 4,999. That includes the cost of the take-away kit.
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