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Salman Khan 'paints' his nights sleepless

Sallu's friends have been trying to persuade him to consult a doctor, as the wide-eyed actor stays up all night, painting.

entertainment Updated: Jan 12, 2009 14:14 IST
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Ride on.. alone

Hi my chocolate éclairs. How goes it your side of the fence? I’m doing okey-dokey, can’t tell you all the dark secrets under my hat, gotta be a nice gal sometimes, no? Because that is so moi. But wait, don’t turn away, disappointed. I have enough to keep you happy.

So listen.. Katrina Kaif may continue screaming from the rooftops that kid sister Isabel is the studious type and not interested in the movies. But the fact is that her pyaari bahena who is on a break from her acting institute, has been having a series of meetings with producer- director types.

The other evening, one of my khabroos spotted Isabel enjoying dinner at Masala Mantar in Andheri. And she wasn’t alone. No, it wasn’t badi didi Kat who was keeping her company but a senior nirmata who the silly boy couldn’t place. After I gave him a dressing down he dug into his memory bank and came up with the information that the filmmaker was short on inches, his hair was graying and he was wearing gold-rimmed glasses.

Isabel obviously found him hero material because she was complimenting him after every spoonful and gushing over the fact that she couldn’t have asked for a better companion to spend the first evening of the year with.

But maybe she should have been a little kanjoos with her flowery words. For once it was time to leave, the chappie hugged and kissed her and then put her into an autorickshaw, alone.

Hope he wasn’t inspired by Salman Khan but I don’t think Katrina would want any such influence on her chhoti bahen.
Hai na?

Mujhe neend na aaye..
Talking of Salman Khan, I’m told he’s been spending sleepless nights. Don’t think it’s the after effects of duds like God Tussi Great Ho, Hello and Yuvvraaj.. because when have flops ever affected our Sallu bhai?

Whatever the reasons, the wide-eyed actor stays up all night, painting. His friends have been trying to persuade him to consult a doctor, even pop a sleeping pill if need be, but Sallu’s okay with his insomnia., even if he’s not getting his share of beauty sleep.

At least he’s giving us enough art to fill up a gallery or two. Yawn!

Getting meaty?
Meanwhile, Aamir Khan is working hard (?) all the muscle he built for Ghajini. After all the kasratbaazi, he’s now overindulging in khaana-peena because he needs to look ‘soft’ for 3 Idiots for which he will resume shooting later this month.

The other afternoon, he was spotted at ITC Grand Sheraton in Parel tucking into kababs by the plateful. Wife Kiran Rao was not around but a male dost was and he looked like he couldn’t bear to see any more kababs for the rest of the year.

Oooof! Makes me want to give up kababs forever!

Love.. lost and found
Now Madhu my Mottu Maid with my morning cuppa and the news that Mugdha Godse is back with Mithun Purandare.

Yeh kaun? Mottu instantly takes me on a flashback trip to Fashion and reminds me that after her debut movie Mugdha had asked Mithun to move out of her house, bag and baggage.

But true love conquers all, even ambitious starlings and Mugs chose to bring in the new year with her Mithun. She even took her old dost home to Goa and the two premis spent a week there, returning happier than ever before. Badhai ho!

Dil, dosti etc
I’m trying to shoo Mottu away but she refuses to leave without enlightening me about Rohit Roy and his new pals.
Since I rather liked his directorial debut, I let Mottu stay but only after she has promised not to bring me a rice plate.
Anyway, Rohit, Mots tells me, has become very very good friends with a certain item girl called Nandini Jumani. Itna hi nahin, it was at his invitation and insistence that she went for the launch of a nightspot in Juhu.

Naturally, after she sasheyed in, Rohit woulldn’t leave her side. At the rate at which they are going, Mots is worried that instead of concentrating on his next script Rohit may just end up focussing on the item numbers. Yeh Mottu bhi na!
But then, such is life dearies.

First Published: Jan 06, 2009 20:06 IST