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Short on dough...

Imagine being given a weird circumstance or role at the spur of the moment, which you then have to enact in a funny way.

entertainment Updated: Jul 12, 2010 14:25 IST
Lokhandwala lad
Lokhandwala lad
Hindustan Times

Last week, I’d mentioned in passing that I was soon going to be out of money and should become a gigolo. This comment snowballed into a thought and this week, I inquired around a bit on what one has to do to become one. But I won’t write about it yet, as my research is incomplete.

Apart from that, I was offered a lead in a daily soap which airs in the afternoon. The lady who owns the production house called me one afternoon. I’d met her earlier through my mum’s friend, who’s a big writer in the industry.

I don't know why I met her in the first place even though I knew she produced only soaps. I guess that’s what you call desperation, meeting people even though you know you don’t want to work with them.

I guess there is this slight ray of hope that something interesting might be offered. So when the lady called and asked if I had dates for the next few months, I immediately searched for videos of the daily online. It was shitty, no doubt. Then I called my mum and she said, “It’s up to you to decide.”

Turning work down
I weighed the pros and cons. Pros = money, cons = do I even need to mentioned that? I called her back and politely declined, saying that I was busy for the next few months. I also happened to meet an interesting bunch of people this week, and when I say interesting, I’m not being sarcastic.

These guys were really off the hook. They are the ones who’ve started an improv comedy group in Mumbai. Improv is basically what the people in Whose Line Is It Anyway? do.

I write about it because I was quite amazed at how these people performed at the informal gathering which I went to. It’s not as easy as it looks and takes quite a lot of training and practise.

Imagine being given a weird circumstance or role at the spur of the moment, which you then have to enact in a funny way. These guys are literally practising all the time. It seemed like some of them were practising while having a normal chat with me.

One of them actually figured out who I was as he reads my column and was quite amused to see that I was actually a model. In his words, “But I thought a journalist wrote your column... and you are a good looking model”.

In almost the same breath, his next question was, “My mum read your column once and told me that I should start bribing coordinators to get more work, but tell me, are the experiences which you write on real?'

In the time that I've written this column, I've been offered a modelling assignment which pays Rs 9,000 and a voice-over, finances of which are yet to be discussed. Now that my expenses for the month have been taken care of in the first week itself, I feel a huge burden off my wobbly chest, as I didn’t earn a single penny last month.

Hope next week is as lucrative.

First Published: Jul 12, 2010 12:42 IST