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Shout for Delhi

Fans of the Delhi Daredevils team now have their very own exclusive club Damini Purkayastha.
Hindustan Times | By Damini Purkayastha, New Delhi
UPDATED ON MAR 06, 2009 04:37 PM IST

Sheila Dikshit has become the first member of the coolest fan club in the city — the Delhi Daredevils Club. Members get to have a reserved section to watch matches, a 25 per cent discount on tickets, and if they are very lucky, even practice sessions with the Daredevils.

Vidur Naik, marketing head, GMR, explains, “There are three modules of membership: by invitation, school membership for kids up to 12 at Rs 99, and gold membership at Rs 999.” 10 per cent of the proceeds received from school membership will be returned to the schools for building sports infrastructure.

Gold members receive goodie bags with T-shirts, tattoos, caps, badges and whole lot of Daredevil-related memorabilia, and they get to sit in the ‘members club stand’ during the matches. What’s more, tickets for this stand are at a 25 per cent discount and the refreshment is free. Lucky members will get to travel with the team to match venues like Jaipur and Mohali in a Delhi Daredevils bus.

Garima Sinha, a big fan of the Delhi team, says she’d love to sign up as a member. “I’ll make my boyfriend pay, he’s the bigger fan, but it will be great to sit with a sea of people dressed like the team, and travel with them and cheer with them.” Mehul Singh says, “This is what I love most about soccer, the way the fans travel around. It’ll be so cool to do it for cricket now.” To Rahul Dinkar, however, “it’s the discount that matters most.”

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