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'Smooch scenes can't get you work'

Rakhi Sawant refused to do a Hollywood role that demanded too much smooch scenes. Jasmine Singh interviews her.
Hindustan Times | By Jasmine Singh, Chandigarh
UPDATED ON MAR 19, 2008 04:32 PM IST

Rakhi Sawant had been taking lessons in spoken English for Hollywood project Balti Devi - Queen of South Hall, which she refused later on because the role demanded her to do too many smooch scenes. The effect is more than apparent in her speech. "Please, can I have 'wauter'? It's hot naa? I have just given an interview. Arrey, can I please have 'wauter'? Oh! I hope it's not live. Then theek hai".

Dressed in a sexy black top covered casually in a white halter pulled down from one side, controversy queen, reality show star and Bollywood item girl Rakhi Sawant made sure that no one present in the chock-a-block press room at Tau Devi Lal Stadium in Panchkula on Sunday evening misses out on her presence!

Should we start Rakhi, asks a curious journo? "Wait please. It's very hot. Where is wauter?"

She looks towards her personal secretary who hands her a PET bottle. One sip quenches her thirst. As reporters wait with their flurry of questions, she summons a make up artist for a touch up.

Finally, we get going. Your persona has been carved out of controversies? "I'm not the first girl to get into controversy. Cricketers, politicians, ministers get into controversies all the time. It's okay with them. But with me, it happens zyaada often," says Rakhi.

The hot gal has lost a lot of weight and has also got rid of her silicon implants. "Am I the only one who exposes? Just because I don't have a godfather, or I'm not a star kid, I'm told that I expose. I don't care".

Haven't you made your private life a reality show? "I am a 'seen' (she means known) face. People recognise me wherever I go. In fact, four journalists literally sleep outside my building ke kab Rakhi aaye. I don't invite media; they come on their own sweet will. Even if I sneeze, it would make headlines. Whatever you saw between Abhishek and me on Valentine's Day was real, no gimmick."

That's Rakhi. "I'm like this. Even Karan Johar had to take me seriously by the end of his show. These directors make fun of new girls. They wouldn't do so with established actors or ministers. But I told Karan: Jo poochna hai saaf-saaf kaho. He knows I'm like this-moohphat. See, I am not all about jism. I work hard. Can anyone dance like the way I do? It's about destiny Waqt se pehley kisi ko kuch nahi milta. I had to struggle a lot initially. Main golden spoon main paida nahi hui.

Have you ever thought of an image makeover or taking yourself seriously Rakhi? "People like me the way I'm. If Shah Rukh asks me to change, then I can. I have started taking myself seriously. Waisey to main chand pe jaana chahti hoon. As of now, I will be working with Rakesh Roshan, Vikram Bhatt and Dev Anand. I don't know whether Dev Anand makes a hit or a flop movie but I will work with him. He is a legend. Today, I'm in a position to pick and choose movies. Smooch scenes can't get you work for long. Dekho, Emraan Hashmi kya kar raha hai ab".

An aspect that Rakhi strongly believes in is social work. "But that time I wasn't famous. Now I'm. If I do any kind of charity work, it catches attention immediately".

As part of a Lion's Club campaign, Rakhi was the celebrity guest for a function at Mumbai's Arthur Road Jail. She was to distribute blankets, computers and glucometers to the inmates but the jail authorities pulled out the rulebook and said she could not enter the jail premises. The authorities reasoned that they would not be able to control the inmates if she was allowed in. "The police got scared of the media outside the jail when I went there. If some minister would have wanted to do this, he was welcome. But they stopped me because I'm Rakhi Sawant."

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