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Spaced out

Space - for a writer it’s the distance between two words. For Riteish Deshmukh as an architect, it’s what you create.

entertainment Updated: Mar 10, 2010 01:22 IST
Riteish Deshmukh

Space - for a writer it’s the distance between two words. For me as an architect, it’s what you create. In architecture, the most emphasis is given to creating spaces. Any enclosed volume is a space as is any very large open area.

Making or breaking a relationship depends largely on space, either a lot of it or lack of it. There is a world of a difference between a boy telling a girl ‘Let’s go to my space’, to a girl telling a boy ‘Let’s move into one space’. When your partner tells you ‘I need my space to think about us’, probably ‘US’ is no longer us but now it’s ‘THEM’- surely someone else has moved into your space. In a relationship one should always search for a balanced space and most importantly to reinvent the same space for it to last longer.

For Hrithik Roshan it’s a place where


came from (you will have to add ‘outer’ as a prefix), for George Lucas (

Star Wars

) it’s where his millions came from. Over the years filmmakers have explored various aspects of this space, stretching their imagination to great lengths to visualise and create aliens —their form, their planets, their habitat, their technology, etc, etc. We are intelligent enough to create them and yet we project ourselves to be inferior to them in every aspect. Next time can we have some dumb aliens please?

Aliens among us are no longer ‘science fiction’ but a reality. Look around you, you will surely find people who are completely from a different planet. You talk to them and they will definitely endorse your opinion of them being SPACE CADETS. You are as alien to them as they are to you.

Geography or location dictates the importance of the space. The lower the measuring unit, the higher the value of it. Acres and hectares as a unit can never match the unit of floor space index or popularly known as FSI (sq.ft).

Some actors are in OUTER SPACE, you can’t touch them even if you wished to, sometimes they even belittle you with a rather obvious name plate like Kevin ‘Space’y!

As you can see, for me ‘space’ is more than just a word, it’s a gamut of expressions, sometimes it’s a leap for mankind, while at other times you could be a little ‘spaced out’.