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SRK without edit

Bollywood Baadshah SRK on how to keep keep your wife and marriage happy, returning to TV, My Name is Khan and more in a conversation with Roshmila Bhattacharya.

entertainment Updated: Oct 03, 2009 11:31 IST
Roshmila Bhattacharya

SRKBollywood Baadshah SRK on how to keep keep your wife and marriage happy, returning to TV, My Name is Khan and more in a conversation with Roshmila Bhattacharya.

You’re a brave guy to go on Farah Khan’s show, Tere Mere Beach Mein, and admit that you are a hen-pecked husband.

Every morning when I read the newspaper or watch TV, I learn new things about myself… That I’m sweet, sexy, lovable, selfish and scheming. It’s all someone else’s point of view, but sometimes, in the crowd of suppositions, even I don’t know who or what I am.

Friends like Farah (Khan) insist that I’m a ‘joru ka ghulam’. I wouldn’t know because I’ve been married only once. But if being courteous, listening to your wife, taking her out and making the family happy makes you a hen-pecked husband, then sure, I’m one.

Some think that it’s a boring tag but for me it’s the bravest and sweetest thing. My dad was nice to his wife, and so is my father-in-law. I guess, that makes them hen-pecked husbands too.

I know you completely surrender to your wife when it comes to clothes despite being a style icon.
When I entered the industry, I didn’t know much about styling. Even after being on the cover of Vogue, I still don’t understand clothes. During the day I’m in jeans, Tees and sneakers. At night, if I have to go out, I put on a black suit and a tie. My kids think I’m unconventionally cool.

Earlier, when designers came to discuss costumes, I sent them to Gauri. Fortunately, the kind of films I did usually required me to be in jeans. Gauri helped out with the designing initially though she later admitted that all she did was say “yes” to everything. (Chuckles) I guess the clothes looked so bad on me that she wanted to deny any part in choosing them.

Karan (Johar) was the fashion consultant on Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. I sent him to Gauri too, they hit it off well, became best friends and Karan took over the designing.

And now that he is launching his own line, you will be walking the ramp for him.
Over the years, I’ve grown to become stylishly cool. My friends insist I’m a natural clothes horse. But I still feel odd walking the ramp.

I’ve done it only thrice. Once to launch the Om Shanti Om wardrobe, with two seasoned models, Deepika (Padukone) and Arjun (Rampal), then for Manish Malhotra and Kolkata Knight Riders, with my arm in a sling. And last evening for Tag Heuer.

So far, it was just walking and talking on the ramp. But Karan wants rehearsals… He wants me to behave more model-like. It’s scary!

You’d rather wear tights and play the superhero in Ra 1, right?
That would be fun but I don’t think we can start the film before December. It better be before I become too old to play a superhero. The last year I was out of action because of a shoulder injury. It’s taken a long time to heal after the surgery in March.

The doctors had told me I would be out of commission for nine months. It’s been eight months and I’ve finished a film, My Name is Khan, and a couple of ads.
Three films—Ra 1, Don 2 and Happy New Year—were to start by mid-2009. But all three require physical action and my muscles are gone. I started exercising this week. I’ve managed to keep my weight down to 69 kilos.

Can you build a six-pack again?
Sure, I love it when people tell me that I’m cool and sexy. Both my children have amazing abs. They eat well, play hard and are outstandingly fit. I have to match up to them.

This will be one of those rare Diwalis when there won’t be a Shah Rukh Khan sparkler lighting up the screen.

My Name Is Khan was planned for Diwali but the February 15 to March 10 schedule only wrapped up on Thursday. Kya karen, tough guys get injured.

But Karan has Wake Up Sid. I haven’t seen it but Gauri liked it. It’s a slice-of-life film that should appeal to young people. Karan makes decent, stylish and good cinema. I hope it works.

No films in 2009 means no awards…
May be I should suggest they institute a Best Father of the Year Award for me. Then in the years that I don’t win the Best Actor Award, they can crown me Best Dad. In fact, why don’t they just give me a National Award for Best Father, at least? I’m a deserving candidate for that one.

Now that My Name Is Khan is complete, I heard that you’re taking your wife off on a second honeymoon.
Gauri has already left the country. I was babysitting the kids today. I’ll be joining her and some friends on Saturday for three to four days. Back here, if I throw a party, the very next day people are discussing who were invited and who weren’t. So I decided not to give them more room for speculation. I’ve never been to Rome before.

No gifts from gauri
In the last 24 years, I’ve given Gauri many gifts. She always accepts them, gives me a casual hug in front of everyone and thanks me. Then, 99.9 per cent of the time, she returns the gift and buys something else.

She, however, has not bought me a single gift. Her excuse is, “What can I give a man who has everything including me?”
When I was in London after my spine injury, I bought some T-shirts. They were too large and I asked her to return them and get something else. She told me that in London you couldn’t do that.

Later, I learnt from my friends that she had exchanged the T-shirts for a bag for herself. Her reasoning was that since I was in hospital, what would I do with new T-shirts. A handbag would be more useful.

An excerpt from the show

All about Eve: SRK’s tips to all men

* “Whenever your wife calls, quickly answer, even if you have to lie. As long as you respond to her call and say, “Yes darling, I love you too, muwah, muwah!” you’re fine.
* Girls are good if you just listen to them on small things. Say “yes” to everything they ask for… Then don’t do any of it.
* I have never come home and said, “I’m tired.” If I’m tired, it’s because of my work. And when my wife gives me so much freedom to do the work I like, it’s my duty to do what she likes. I give my wife and children enough time when I’m at home.
* Any man who is comfortable letting his wife be is a real man. Any man who is uncomfortable letting his girlfriend or wife be, is an insecure, foolish wimp.