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Stand-up comedians across country mourn Robin Williams’ death

While he gave many childhoods a reason to dream, he was an inspiration to many, including Indian stand-up comedians. We spoke to a few on the stand-up comic scene in the country:

entertainment Updated: Aug 12, 2014 17:11 IST
Medha Shri Dahiya
Medha Shri Dahiya
Hindustan Times
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The legendary comedian and Hollywood actor Robin William made one and all laugh and cry with his genius. While he gave many childhoods a reason to dream, he was an inspiration to many, including Indian stand-up comedians. We spoke to a few on the stand-up comic scene in the country:

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Papa CJ:

There are so many of Robin Williams' films that have been just such a joy to watch. Films that struck an emotional chord, such as Goodwill Hunting, Mrs Doubtfire and, of course, Dead Poets Society. I do comedy shows in hospitals for free for patients, doctors and nurses so Patch Adams was particularly special to me.

It was many years before I realised that Williams was a comedian as well since I initially knew him only as an actor. He's probably up in heaven right now doing a stand-up comedy show about suicide! I know I'd do that! "So, who else got here by suicide? Anyone? You know thing with suicide is…". May his soul rest in peace for all the laughter, happiness and joy he gave to many, many people around the world.
Neeti Palta:

I really hope that he didn’t take his own life, the reports are still coming in and I hope they don’t confirm the suspected suicide. You know, when a stand-up comedian goes on stage, he is supposed to make others laugh. But Robin Williams has done just the opposite. I didn’t know him personally, but it’s strange that this looks like a personal loss to me.

As a child I remember seeing his films and I remember his kid face. He looked like a kind person, only if he were ‘kinder’ to himself. I remember thinking how happy his kids would be to have such a cheerful and funny father, who looked like he’d never scream down on his kids. It reminds of Charlie Chaplin’s quote, well, people like him probably cry in the rain because they don’t want others to see their tears.
Arunabh Kumar:

First of all, I don’t comment on an old man dying. But I’d say it’s really sad that he probably didn’t get a good feeling about life. I have seen his interviews and lectures, you know, people may think that artists like him or Jim Carrey are different, but act8ually they are very mature and take life seriously.

People like him and Kishore Kumar are compulsively impulsive. Either he would have thought that he has had his fill of life and he was good to go or he must feel really hollow. All of us have a streak of craziness in us and he didn’t let his crazy die. Probably he was a misunderstood lot or was misunderstood a lot, you’d never know. I like to believe that he had a fulfilling life and he was pretty much in peace even when he was alive. I wish I get to live at least half the life he lived.
Rajneesh Kapoor:

More than the news of his death, I was hit by the reports suspecting suicide. I find suicide very scary. The person who thinks of taking away his life must be in so much of sadness in his head that he decides death is the only deliverance. And it’s the worst in this case.

You know, I am a stand-up comedian and I’ve seen others going up on the stage to make others laugh, keeping aside the tragedies of life. It’s difficult because even stand-up comedians have a life as tragic as others but they chose to make others laugh. The news is definitely disturbing. I’d like to add, this once I was watching a documentary on Guru Dutt and people said he shulod have been stronger. I’d like to say someone in depression can’t just lap out of it, they need support and it’s a medical condition.
Vir Das:

It’s (news of Robin’s death) really sad. He was the best comedian of all times. There will never be another Robin Williams. He was a testament to the fact that pure talent shines through on every medium. That if you were funny enough, it didn't matter what you looked like, or where you came from, you could still make people happy. I think making millions of people laugh is a great life legacy that he has left behind.

First Published: Aug 12, 2014 16:55 IST