The Butterfly Effect
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The Butterfly Effect

Riteish Deshmukh still has jitters when he faces the camera. Read on to know more.

entertainment Updated: Sep 01, 2010 14:39 IST
Riteish Deshmukh
Riteish Deshmukh
Hindustan Times

Roll sound, start camera, ACTION!

These three clarion calls, synonymous with the start of a shoot echo in the hearts and minds of every actor, film-maker and film lover since time immemorial! They set the heart racing, the adrenaline pumping and, last but not the least, they give rise to the not so exciting phenomenon known as ‘butterflies in the stomach!’

One would think that an actor having done multiple films and essayed a range of different and not so different characters would, over a period of time, learn to capture and calm these butterflies! But no! They are cunning little creatures who flutter away from the grasp and still continue to create havoc each time a new film project begins!

Riteish Deshmukh

August 2009. The month and the year mentioned have no significant historical value! They just stand for the last time I entered the arena, a film set that is, to perform my duties as an artist to the best of my abilities! The hiatus from the arc lights has been approximately of around a year.

A long enough time for the butterflies to gather strength and plan their next assault! And of course they feed off the innumerable thoughts that cross my mind right now! ‘Will I be able to gather my bearings and slip into my new role with ease or will I be like a piece of machinery that has gathered rust over a period of dormancy?’

‘Will I fumble my first lines during my first shot and propel the director to shout ‘cut’? And, will this be a consistent feature of my performance over the next 20 takes?’ ‘Will my new co-star get along with me amicably without unhealthy competition, or will a reunion with former colleagues make me feel comfortable and calm?’

‘Will the


break on cue at the mahurat or will it stubbornly try to protect its natural form?’ ‘Will the press stick to questions pertaining to the launch of the new film?’ ‘Or will I be hammered by a series of unrelated personal questions?’

Coincidentally as you read these thoughts and worries of mine, I will be preparing for one such mahurat! The start of

Double Dhamaal

the sequel to the hilarious and much loved


The set must be ready, the camera on its way, the lights in position, the vanity vans parked right outside, and the director ready to begin on an auspicious note! ‘Flutter flutter’ Sigh…Hello Butterflies!

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First Published: Aug 31, 2010 19:26 IST