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The Great Khali denies hitting fan

The Great Khali’s spokesperson quashed reports that surfaced over the weekend that the wrestler had hit a fan at Delhi domestic airport on Saturday night.
Hindustan Times | By Naomi Canton, Mumbai
UPDATED ON MAY 04, 2010 03:14 PM IST

The Great Khali’s spokesperson quashed reports that surfaced over the weekend that the wrestler had hit a fan at Delhi domestic airport on Saturday night.

The giant wrestler, who is signed to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), and lives in the USA, was alleged to have injured a fan at the airport, causing him to be hospitalised. However, the 37-year-old’s spokesperson , Amkit Swami, claimed that the fan retracted these allegations on Sunday night, and there had been no arrest or charges levied against his 7 feet 3 inch client.

“In the morning, the person made some allegations from the hospital. In the evening, he said his injuries had not been caused by The Great Khali, but by the crowd. The Great Khali has not been arrested, nor any charges filed against him,” he says.

The Great Khali had landed in India on April 27 for promotional work. On Saturday night, he flew from Mumbai to Delhi, en route to his home town Dhirana in Himachal Pradesh.

When Swami and Khali went to collect their luggage from the conveyor belt, a huge crowd swarmed them, creating a “chaos.”
“There were suddenly so many people cheering, crowding around him and taking photographs. He requested them to stand back and then we left the airport. On Sunday, we first heard that someone was injured and had been hospitalised. Khali is not the kind of person to hit someone. We were just asking people to move out of the way. I did not see him hit anyone. I think the person was injured by the crowd movement.

Khali loves his fans
“If someone has been injured, then Khali is very sad ,” he adds. “He would never harm his fans. Even in 2009, when he came for his brother’s wedding, a fan excitedly ran towards him and fell down, injuring himself,” he reveals.

Rohit Katiyar, spokesperson for CISF, which controls Delhi airport security, confirmed The Great Khali had landed at Delhi airport on Saturday night, but was not aware of any incident occurring. He confirmed that no complaint had been filed and no one had been arrested.

"He landed at Delhi airport on Saturday, but nothing happened inside the airport. I don't know what happened outside but we would not be responsible for it. He is not a visiting VVIP or visiting dignitary, so is not at the level where we need to provide escorts," adds Katiyar. Swami says Khali was given no security at the airport, even though he had written to the Delhi Commissioner of Police in advance requesting security. “The police replied saying they would provide security at his Delhi hotel but couldn’t do anything at the airport. But even when we reached the hotel, we couldn’t find any person there.

When that kind of personality is coming through, the domestic airport should provide security,” he says. He is now considering hiring private security for Khali. But he says he would rather the security was provided by the government.
On Sunday, Khali flew to Amritsar where he visited the Golden Temple and Jallianwala Bagh. He is currently driving to Dhirana, where he is expected to arrive on Tuesday, to spend two weeks with family and friends.

The WWE heavyweight, who’s real name is Dalip Singh, will be making his Bollywood debut in comedy Kushti, a Venus Movies production, which will release on May 14. Swami says he only heard about the release a week ago and is hoping to find time in an already planned schedule to help promote it. Spokesperson for the film, Harish Sharma, says they are expecting Khali to return to Delhi on May 7 to promote the film that day.

Bollywood debut

Kushti, directed by Rajeev Kumar, is set in a small village in North India where wrestling is a popular sport and an important wrestling match is held every year.

A ferocious ex-wrestler Avtar Singh (Sharat Saxena) has a young and beautiful daughter named Laadli (Nargis) with whom an ordinary postman Chander (Rajpal Yadav) is madly in love.

To get her father’s approval for the marriage, despite having no wrestling background, the five foot tall Chander has to wrestle with and defeat the gigantic Khali in a wrestling match. The film is about whether this ordinary postman will be able to defeat The Great Khali to win his love back, or if Khali will make mincemeat of Chander.

Asrani, Om Puri, and Manoj Joshi also feature in the flick.

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