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The new Evel

Many would call him an overgrown skater-boy. Yet others would pass him off like another thrill seeker with fancy tricks up his sleeve. Renowned stunt biker Chris Pfeiffer wheeled by the city in a display of stunts.
Hindustan Times | By Sharin Bhatti, Mumbai
UPDATED ON MAY 03, 2010 02:18 PM IST

Many would call him an overgrown skater-boy. Yet others would pass him off like another thrill seeker with fancy tricks up his sleeve. But the fact of the matter is that this four-time World Stunt Champion, Chris Pfeiffer from Germany, is more than a spectacle to watch.

Precisely why Red Bull and MTV got the biker down to Mumbai to enthrall a beeline of eager-and-slightly-scared shoppers at Inorbit Mall, Malad. Pfeiffer, for a good expanse of 20 minutes, freewheeled, body-jumped, stoppied and burnt-out (the many bike stunts) at the parking lot preceded by a guerilla act through Hypercity Mall.

For the 30-something-year old biking successor of stunt bike legend Evel Kneival, coming down to India to perform for an unassuming audience was a thrill in itself. “I have always wanted to come down to India. I am not into championships any more and have become more of a traveller. India was always a part of my itinerary, so I jumped at the opportunity,” Pfeiffer shrugs, who is on a five city tour of India riding through Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai.

Bike crazy
Extreme sport enthusiast, Pfeiffer rode his first bike at the age of 5. He got into dirt biking and soon moved to performing stunts as he grew up. Having won all major speed and stunt championships throughout Europe and USA, Pfeiffer soon graduated to freewheeling and stunt mania.

“I just got bored of speed. After a point, you don’t just burn out out of exhaustion but also boredom. Now I perform some 80 shows across the world. I entertain. That’s what I do,” Pfeiffer pants post his stunt set. His favourite bike is the BMW F800R and the easy rider for all his stunts.

Despite all that, being a Hollywood body double is just something, even though Pfeiffer is totally made for, he will never do.

“Every time you perform a stunt, you put your life in danger, you win and you own it. For someone else, it just won’t be right,” says Pfeiffer, although he won’t mind being the same in Bollywood.

“I haven’t seen any movies in India, but we all know about Bollywood and ShahRukh Khan. I wouldn’t say no if something came up,” confesses Pfeiffer.

Peril and pleasure
Having performed for the past 20 years, the pro has had a major flirtation with danger. The man was performing a backflip on his BMW two years ago and landed on his back.

“I was very scared when that happened and instantly knew something was wrong. I broke a vetebra. But in six-weeks I was back on the bike,” the resilient Pfeiffer announces.

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