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They threatened to spoil my image: Mugdha

Mugdha Godse denies abusing the couple, whose car she rammed.
Hindustan Times | By Rachana Dubey, Mumbai
UPDATED ON MAY 07, 2010 02:03 PM IST
Mugdha Godse, on Wednesday evening, reportedly smashed her car into the vehicle of a bank employee near the Kokilaben Ambani Hospital, Four Bungalows, in Andheri and tried to flee. Madhukar Lahkar was with his wife Geetanjali in his Honda Civic and Godse was driving her Skoda past the hospital at approximately 10 pm.

Catch me if you can
Godse’s car bumped into the front left of Lahkars’ car, near a U-turn outside the hospital. The Lahkars chased her car for 200 metres before they found out that Godse was on the driver’s seat. The police officials issued a statement that no one had been injured in the accident. However, the Lahkar couple accused Godse of using foul language and misbehaving with them. According to Geetanjali, Godse used words like "Main keede makode se baat nahin karti (I don’t talk to worms like you). Talk to my personal assistant.”

Celebrity advantage
However, according to Godse, she didn’t make any such statement. “I don’t want to talk too much about the issue. The couple harassed me on Wednesday night. They even threatened to spoil my image in the media. They overtook my car from the left and were blaming me for ramming into their car. I’m sure they must have thought of a plan when they found a known face in the car and had fun at my cost,” she rues, adding that it’s not in her upbringing to talk in foul language with anyone.

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